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Destan Episode 22 Review

What a wonderful way to screw people over. As well as wielding a sword, no one knows the use of intelligence better than Osman Bay. Osman Bay said to Kosis, may Allah make us stand in the same line in war as well as in prayer. Fans who have been waiting a long time for Kosis to become a Muslim. 

Now the time has finally come that in the coming episode we will see that Kosis will become a Muslim. The entry of any Byzantine into the realm of Islam strengthens Islam. Inspired by Osman Bay's morals and the teachings of Islam, Kosis decided to become a Muslim. 

After Kosis's conversion to Islam, Harmankaya Fort will become the property of the kayi without a fight. Osman Bay who has already conquered inhsar and the Bilecik fortress. On the other hand, Osman still wants to conquer inagol fort and Yarhsar fort. This Series of victories will never stop. 

On the contrary, one after another, Osman will be seen making huge victories in his name. Fans are asking if the upcoming episode is going to be the last episode of this season of Kurulus Osman series? So viewers are not like that at all. One thing is for sure, there are still five episodes left this season. 

Because with the death of Nikola, Osman will conquer the fortress of inagol. After the betrayal of Barkin Bay came to light, Osman Bay will then behead Barkin Bay. Now Osman will also conquer the yarhsar fort. The testimonials of Gundoz Bay and Aktimore will also be shown in the same season. 

Osman Bay's only daughter Fatima also has an entry in the series. Therefore, many important events are yet to take place in the season. The rating of the series has also come down due to the busy schedule of the people during Ramadan. But still, the whole Turkish series have been left behind by Destan. 

The story of the series has become so interesting that the fans do not want to take their eyes off the screen even for a moment. In the next two to three episodes, the characters who have been working in the series for a long time will also leave the Series. Where the day of the conquest of inagol Fort was a happy day. 

There is also a lot of evidence from that day. Osman Bay did not lose anything to establish the empire. Osman Bay carried the funeral of his brother, his nephew and his close friends on his shoulders. Thus the religion of Islam also prevents us from mourning martyrs. History testifies that the martyrs are our pride. 

And we have always remembered the sacrifices of the martyrs. Falling nations that forget the sacrifices of their forefathers are doomed. The martyrdom of Gunduz Bay will take place on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. At the same time, Aktimure will be martyred for the same purpose. 

Only the spirit of martyrdom and the spirit of high intentions and martyrdom are useful for destroying the infidels. The death of a martyr is a journey toward real life. Because the believer firmly believes that this world is temporary and that after death he will have eternal life. Life is like a prison for a believer. 

Even Osman Bay does nothing for his ego. On the contrary, Osman Bay is always seen blowing the necks of his enemies for the sake of pleasing God. Osman decides where to stop and where to proceed. When Osman Bay imprisoned Nikola, Turgat Bay told Osman Bay to kill Nikola. Because Nikola killed a lot of us. 

We can't take any action for our personal revenge," Osman Bay said. We will see how we can use Nikola to achieve new victories. Then Osman Bay's plan against Nikola was thwarted. Because their own betrayals have done great harm to Osman Bay. 

Due to Barkin Bay's betrayal, Nikola has once again escaped Osman Bay's sword. But now, on the occasion of the conquest of the inagol fortress, Nikola's neck will surely fly. Therefore, it is possible that Turgut will be able to cut Nicola's neck. With the fall of Nikola, one of Osman Bay's greatest enemies will be gone. Nikola has done great damage to the tribes of osman Bay and Turgat Bay. 

Osman Bay's older brother, Savci Bay, was also killed by Nikola's commander. And now the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay will also be at the hands of Nikola. The martyrdom of Gunduz Bay will break the mountains of grief on the kayi tribe. 

And if Aktimure's testimony was shown before Gunduz Bay, then that time would be very difficult for Gunduz Bay. After the martyrdom of viewers Aktimure, the second son of Gundoz Bay will also be entered into the series. Many important events are yet to take place in the series. 

Let's move on to some more important questions in the article. We will talk about why the entry of Osman Bay's only daughter Fatima will be made in the same season? Can Barkin Bay's character be Seen in season 1? What will Osman Bay do to Nikola now through Barkin Bay? 

What big news will Aktimure send for Osman Bay from inagol Fort right now? Where will the story of Holofira and Orhan go? Why is the role of Selvi hatun going to be important in the upcoming episodes? How will Romanos die on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort? 

What big changes will the upcoming episodes see in the series?  The unique and thrilling episodes of the Destan Series continue. Barkin Bay's betrayal will soon unfold like Master Aryus. After Aryus's betrayal came to light, Aryus's neck was immediately cut off. But Barkin Bay's betrayal will not be taken down immediately. Why can osman use Barkin Bay against Nikola? 

Because as soon as Osman Bay finds out that Barkin Bay is a traitor. Because after Aryus, there is clear suspicion of Osman Bay on Barkin Bay as well. Because in the tribe and Sogut, Osman Bay often saw Barkin and Aryus together. So now Osman Bay's plan for Barkin Bay may be successful. 

The Selvi hatun will also play a key role in revealing Barkin's Secret. Romanos, who has just emerged as a virtuous commander. It is possible that Romanos will still do great harm to Osman Bay. And that could be a big loss for Aktimure. Aktimure may have died at the hands of Romanos. 

Because Romanos is always looking at Aktimore with suspicion. And the way Aktimure has done a lot of damage to Nikola. So, unfortunately, Aktimore's death will be painful. Romanos will be killed by Osman Bay, while Nikola will be killed by Turgat Bay. 

With the death of Nikola, the inagol fort will be conquered. At the same time, Osman Bay will now conquer the Yarhsar fort. With the conquest of Yarhasar and inagol fort, Destan season 1 will come to an end. Before the end of the season, Osman Bay's daughter Fatima hatun will also be entered in the Series. 

The love story of Holofira and orhan will continue this season. In the coming season, we will be able to see the wedding of Princess Holofera and Orhan. After the conquest of the Bilecik fortress, Osman has become much stronger. And now after the conquest of the inagol fort, the establishment of the empire will be easier.

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