Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Review

The Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Series has driven everyone crazy. Everyone seems to be singing the praises of the great Series. The main events of the historical series attract a lot of fans. And fans have been waiting a long time for historical events. This season has seen a gap of almost ten years. 

After which a lot of historical events were witnessed. Everyone was excited about the great wars and historical events. But the battle scenes and action is seen at the start were of a limited degree. Now a great battle and action await everyone. It has already begun. 

The biggest battle of the time is about to unfold in the Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Series. Which has already taken the curiosity of the fans to the extreme. Everyone waited a long time for this battle. Fans are eager for the moment when this great victory will be the fate of Osman Bey. 

And everyone will enjoy this success. We will share the full details of this victory, but before that, we will come to the rumors circulating these days. News is coming out from all sides that maybe the next episode will be delayed. And fans will not be able to enjoy this great episode this week. 

Fans are saddened to hear this news. Because at that time the story of the series was at an interesting point. And fans were looking forward to the big event. In such a state of uneasiness, coming across such news makes everyone very sad. Well in today's article we will talk about whether the next episode will come out this week or not? At the same time, they will tell you what obstacles are yet to come in the great victory of Inegol? Is the end of Barkin Bey near? What great evidence will be seen in this great war? 

Where will Osman Bey go after leaving the siege of Inegol? Is Sultan Masud returning to the series? What is the great loss to Aktemur Bey in this great battle? And will share with you the details of many important things in today's article. The Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Series Seems to be on the rise with each passing day. Fans appreciate the wonderful historical events. A series of victories has begun. 

It all started with the historic victory of Belcik. But it was amazing to take a step towards Inegol soon after. Because that is where the confusion begins. The last episode ended as if in the next episode Inegol Fort will be conquered. But we told you that it would not be possible to win so quickly. 

We also shared some details in the previous article. But fans have asked different questions. And we will share all the reasons that will delay the victory of Inegol. The biggest reason for this is the historical discrepancy that no one noticed. According to history, Belcik and Yarhisar forts were conquered together before Inegol. But there was a slight historical difference in the series. 

Belgium was conquered and its gvorner was killed. But the governor of Yarhisar Fort is in the custody of Osman Bey. And the victory of this fort was not even shown. Which was necessary before Inegol's victory. In any case, Yarhisar will be conquered first and Inegol will be victorious later. 

It looks like a plot has been prepared for such an event. Some Byzantine soldiers went to the tribe to take Holofira. Which were in fact sent by Arius. It is possible that Holofira will be abducted there, as well as Vasulius. Even if the governor is not kidnapped, at least Holofira will be kidnapped. 

It is likely to be taken to Yarhisar later. Nikola will take care of this so that he can divert the attention of Osman Bey from inegol. Something must have happened to Holofira or something else that caused Osman Bey to have to leave the siege of Inegol Fort. Osman Bey will hand overall control of this siege to Turgat Bay and Gunduz Bey. On the other hand, Osman will conquer the Yarhisar fort. 

And on the other hand, Turgut Bey and Gunduz Bey will advance towards Inegol. Thus all events will be seen with historical relevance. Since Inegolol was besieged at the head of Turgut Bey. And at the time of the capture of the fort, Osman Bey had arrived with a large army in battle. 

So there is a possibility of a similar sign in the series. Osman Bey will go for Yarhisar's victory and the responsibility of the siege will fall on Turgut Bey. On the other hand, Osman will win helplessly and will also kill its governor. On the other hand, Turgut Bey would have reached the door of the Inegol and the attack would have started. But these issues will be dealt with in two to four episodes going forward.

After the victory of Yarhisar, the victory of Inegol is not possible. In addition, the cases of Barkin and Aktemur Bey could prolong the siege. The presence of Barkin Bey is causing a stir among the fans. Everyone is wondering why the traitor who has been around for so long is not coming to an end. 

After all, how can Osman Bey not understand his betrayal? Viewers believe that even before the victory of Inegol. Barkin Bey will make a mistake that will lead to its demise. So he came with Osman Bey to participate in the victory of Inegol. But maybe he'll try to do something wrong with Nicola. 

Barkin, which was already burning with the fame of Osman Bey. How could he tolerate Osman Bey to become such a great victory and become a respected leader of the Turks? But this time, as soon as Barkin made a mistake, he will come to his end. We have already told you that Osman Bey is suspicious of Barkin. And they can use it in a trap against Nikola. On the other hand, 

Aktemur Bey is presently present in Inegol Fort. In this way, Aktemur Bey won the trust of Romanius in the form of Alexander. But as soon as Nicola learns that Arius has been beheaded. He will surely consider how Osman Bey came to know that Nikola and Arius were attacking weapons and landmines.

Nicola's attention will surely be drawn to the fact that Alexander is the one who came in the days when these events took place. He may have doubts about the behavior of Aktemur Bey. Through Aktemur Bey he will make a trap for Osman Bey. Remember that Aktemur will be injured before or during the big victory of Inegol. Some people thought that Aktemur might be martyred. But this is not possible. 

Their role will not end so soon. Aktumar could just be injured here. But they will not be martyred. Everyone wants to know about the great martyrdom that took place during the victory of Inegol. We will talk about this too but before that, we talk about Sultan Masud and whether he is coming back in the Series. 

What will be their role in future events? Viewers If you remember a long time ago we told you that Sultan Masood will help Osman Bey in the victory of Inegol. Now the siege of Inegol has begun. But for this great victory, Osman Bey needs more combat aid. Even So, war equipment and soldiers were to come from Sultan Masud. It is possible that he arrived here at the time of this great victory. 

It is recorded in history that Sultan Masud provided military aid to Osman Bey for the victory of Inegol. It is possible that if such an event was witnessed, then some glimpses of Sultan Masud may also be Seen. There will be a big battle at the time of Inegol's big victory. And as we have said before, this is going to be a bloody war. There is no doubt that Nikola will die in this victory. 

The new commander Romanius will also lose his life. In this war, many infidels will be sent to hell. But Achman Bay will also have to pay a heavy price for this big battle. The testimony of Gonduz Bey will be Seen in the form of the greatest loss of Osman Bey in this war. His brother Savci Bey has already been martyred. 

Now his only brother will also be martyred. Not only that, but it is also being speculated that at least two soldiers close to Osman Bey will be martyred in this battle. But it is not yet clear who they will be. The sad news for fans is that this week's episode of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Series may not be released. 

All the fans are sad about why this is so. And are all these rumors true?  Why do viewers come across these rumors? This episode is likely to be delayed due to Eid-ul-Fitr, a Muslim festival around the world. It is said that a new episode may not be released due to the public holiday in Turkey on the eve of this Islamic festival. But so far no news has been released about it by Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Series. 

In one or two days it will be clear whether the installment will be released or not. If the trailer of the new episode is released tonight, then the new episode will be announced along with it. When will it be released? There is currently no confirmation of this. Viewers If you like our article, please share it. See You Soon!

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