Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Review

The first trailer of the upcoming episode of Alparslan caused a stir as soon as it was aired on the TV Screen. Fans are waiting for the new episode of Alparslan. In the same way, it has become a habit of the fans to wait impatiently for the trailer. The new trailer was full of triumphs and sorrows. 

Gunduz Bay who have been martyred while fighting in the way of Allah. When Gundoz Bay breathed its last, the kayi flag was flying over the inagol fort. Seeing the flag of the Qayas in the great center of the Byzantines, Gunduz Bay died a tragic death. 

There is no doubt that martyrdom is the fate of those who are destined to die. Because we firmly believe that a martyr never dies. Which direction will the series take after the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay and the conquest of inagol Fort? Because when Osman Bay and his soldiers broke through. 

The gates of inagol fort and entered the fort. At first, Nikola was proud of the number of his soldiers. Nikola thought that a large number of his soldiers would crush Osman Bay and his small army. But history has shown that even a small number of believers have always been heavy on a large army of infidels. 

In a very short time, Nikola will realize that Osman Bay will not leave her alive. Then Nikola had two choices. On the one hand, Nikola would fight valiantly in the castle with his soldiers, and then he would die an honorable death. And the other option was that Nikola would leave the castle alone and escape the fort. 

Unfortunately, Nikola chose the second option. Yes, viewer Nikola will escape from the secret passage of inagol Fortress. Because after waving the kayi flag over the inagol fort, Osman Bay said something about Nikola. Osman Bay said that now Nikola will not be able to escape, his game is over. 

From which it is clear that Nikola has once again slipped out of the hands of Osman Bay. Now the question arises, where will Nikola go after escaping from the inagol fort? After escaping from the inagol fort, Nikola will go to Yarhsar fort. Because Nikola has no place to seek refuge except in Yarhasar. 

Nikola will now go to any corner of the world. Osman Bay will find him. Now after conquering inagol fort, Osman Bay will hand over this fort to Turgat Bay. And Osman himself would plan to conquer the helpless fort. Because in a very short period of time, the conquest of the Yarhasar fort will also be shown. 

If we talk about Orhan and Holofira. Orhan and Holofira were abducted by Isaac. And after that Isaac met Romanos. On one occasion, both orhan and Holofira managed to escape the captivity of Isaac and his soldiers. But Prince Orhan and Princess Holofira will not go far. Byzantine soldiers will soon capture them.

Bala hatun and malhan hatun went out to save the prince and the princess. Their plan will be thwarted. And on this occasion, the Selvi hatun may also die. Because the Selvi hatun will know the true nature of Barkin Bay on this occasion. When the Selvi hatun finds out about the origin of Barkin Bay. 

Then Selvi will immediately know that the killer of her father and uncle is Barkin. Then Selvi will definitely go-ahead to kill Barkin Bay. But unfortunately, instead of killing Barkin Bay, Barkin will kill Selvi. And so the role of Selvi hatun will be said goodbye to Kurulus Osman series forever.

Viewers The role of Salvi hatun will definitely leave the series. Because the actress playing the role of Selvi hatun has joined the second series. Romanos and Isaac will take Holofira and orhan with them to Yarhsar Fort. Osman Bay will save those children from the captivity of the oppressors.

 At the same time, the Yarhasar fort will also be conquered. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. viewers So the end of Barkin Bay is near. Because of the many conspiracies of Barkin Bay, Osman Bay has suffered great losses. So under no circumstances will Osman leave Barkin Bay alive. 

Barkin Bay will come to an end before Nikola. And after that Nicola and Romanos will be sent to hell. In this way, after inagol fort, Yarhasar fort will also become the property of Qiyas. First inhsar and then the Bilecik fortress was conquered by Osman Bay. But no one was able to stop Osman Bay from moving forward No enemy was able to stand in front of Osman Bay's falcon flight and leopard race.

After Bilecik, Osman has now succeeded in conquering the inagol fortress. For those who do not have the fear of death in their hearts then victory is surely their destiny. After Bilecik, Osman Bay's goal will be to conquer Yarhsar Fort. And soon Osman Bay will succeed in his goal as well.

Will talk about how Osman will conquer the fort without help? Will the testimony of Aktimure be seen along with Gundoz Bay? Are the roles of cerkutay and Koh-i-Noor Alp also leaving the series? What is Osman Bay's secret plan to capture Nikola? What will be the reaction of Ayesha hatun to the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay?

Which characters are leaving the series before the end of the season? The unique episodes of Kurulus Osman have captivated the fans. The role of cerkutay and Koh-i-Noor Alp will not leave the series. While the evidence of Shamil Alp and Turhan Alp can be shown. Osman Bay has succeeded in his great goal.

What a joy it was to see the flag waving on the roof of inagol. It was very painful to see the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay there. Gunduz Bay was wounded by many swords. But still, Gundoz seemed to be fighting with passion and faith till his last breath. But in the end, not recovering from his injuries, Gunduz fell from the roof and drank the cup of martyrdom. 

The conquest of inagol Fort was the greatest victory ever for Osman Bay. Gunduz fought to the last breath and sent many enemies to hell. The martyrdom of Osman Bay's elder brother Gunduz Bay on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort is a historic event. And when the conquest of inagol Fort will be remembered, then the sacrifice of Gunduz Bay will also be remembered. 

The sacrifices of the martyrs can never be forgotten. We do not mourn the death of the martyrs. The martyrdom of Gunduz Bay will break the mountains of grief in the kayi tribe. cerkutay was seen fighting alongside Gunduz Bay. The character of Gunduz Bay will leave the series in the coming episode. But a brave son like Aktimure would seem to make up for Gundoz Bay's shortcomings.

We will also see Aktimure Bay in the coming season. When Osman Bay hoisted the kayi flag in the inagol fort, he expressed sorrow on one side. "I can see everyone but my brother," said Osman Bay. Osman Bay was deeply saddened by the death of Gunduz Bay. Nikola, on the other hand, will try to escape from inagol.

But Osman Bay will not let him run away. In this way, every enemy of Osman Bay will be eliminated. And Osman will go on to win. The establishment of the empire will be announced after the conquest of inagol fort. The flag of justice will fly everywhere in the kingdom of Osman Bay.

And Osman will be seen everywhere fighting for the glory of Islam. Every tyrant needs heroes like Osman Bay. Osman will bring every oppressor to his end and will provide justice to the oppressed. viewers, You must tell us in the comment box what was your reaction to the testimony of Gundoz Bay.

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