Barbaroslar Episode 31 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 31 Review

Eventually, after a long delay, the time has come for the new occasion to be vented. Barbaroslar Fans also find it veritably delicate to stay for a week. On such an occasion, it's necessary to stay when the series is at its peak. And one after another explosive occurrences is coming out. 

In moment's important composition, we will partake with you the complete summary of the forth coming occasion of Barbaroslar Series. Will talk about the death of Nikola and Barkin Bay in the coming occasion? When and how will the part of Selvi hatun leave the Series? 

What detriment will Romanus and Isaac together do to Orhan and Holofira? When will Osman conquer Yarhassar and Iznak stronghold? When will the Mongols be part of the series again? Piecemeal from Gundoz Bay, which character series will Barbaroslar leave in Season 1?

Will the places of Aktimure and Ayesha hatun also be said farewell to the series? Barbaroslar Series is full of action, emotion and exhilaration continue. The end of Barkin Bay is imminent. Barkin Bay will kill the selvi hatun before he dies. The reality of Barkin Bay will also come to light in front of the Selvi hatun. 

After the subjection of Osman Bay inagol stronghold, Yarhsar will move towards the subjection of the stronghold. Romanos who formerly escaped the wrath of Osman Bay but is now Romanos will surely die. The Mongols won't be seen this season. But we can see the Mongols in the coming season of Teskilat. 

Action scenes have been added to increase the interest in the series. Osman Bay said that now Nikola won't be suitable to escape, his game is over. From which it's clear that Nikola has formerly again Slipped out of the hands of Osman Bay. 

Now the question arises, where will Nikola go after escaping from the inagol stronghold? After escaping from the inagol stronghold, Nikola will go to Yarhsar stronghold. Because Nikola has no place to seek retreat except in Yarhasar. Nikola will now go to any corner of the world Osman Bay will find him. Now after conquering inagol stronghold, Osman Bay will hand over this stronghold to Turgat Bay. 

And Osman himself would plan to conquer the helpless stronghold. Because in a veritably short period of time, the subjection of the Yarhasar stronghold will also be shown. If we talk about Orhan and Holofira. Orhan and Holofira were kidnapped by Isaac. And after that Isaac met Romanos. On one occasion, both orhan and Holofira managed to escape the prison of Isaac and his dogfaces. 

But Prince Orhan and Princess Holofira won't go far. Intricate dogfaces will soon capture them. Bala hatun and malhan hatun went out to save the Napoleon and the queen. Their plan will be baffled. And on this occasion, the Selvi hatun may also die. Because the Selvi hatun will know the true nature of Barkin Bay on this occasion.Also Selvi will incontinently know that the killer of her father and uncle is Barkin. 

Also Selvi will surely go-ahead to kill Barkin Bay. But unfortunately, rather of killing Barkin Bay, Barkin will kill Selvi. And in this way, the part of Selvi hatun will be said farewell to Barbaroslar Series ever. observers The part of Salvi hatun will surely leave the Series. 

Because the actress playing the part of Selvi hatun has joined the alternate Series. Romanus and Isaac will take Holofira and orhan with them to Yarhsar Fort. Osman Bay will save those children from the prison of the tyrants. At the same time, the Yarhasar stronghold will also be conquered. 

Observers So the end of Barkin Bay is near. Because of the numerous conspiracies of Barkin Bay, Osman Bay has suffered great losses. And after that Nikola and Romanos will be transferred to hell. In this way, after inagol stronghold, Yarhasar stronghold will also come the property of kayis. 

First inhsar and also the Bilecik fort was conquered by Osman Bay. But no bone was suitable to stop Osman Bay from moving forward. No adversary was suitable to stand in front of Osman Bay's falcon flight and leopard race. After Bilecik, Osman has now succeeded in conquering the inagol fort. 

Those who don't have the fear of death in their hearts also palm is surely their fortune. After Bilecik and inagol, now Osman Bay's thing is to conquer Yarhsar Fort. And soon Osman Bay will succeed in his thing as well. Now, after this great palm, the establishment of the conglomerate is certain. 

Which way will the story go after the subjection of inagol Fort? And after conquering the fort of inagol, what new subjection will Osman plan? And suckers are constantly asking which new adversaries of Osman Bay are coming in the series. The subjection of inagol Fort will be the biggest palm for Osman Bay so far. 

After the subjection of Osman Bay inagol stronghold, Yarhsar stronghold is about to be conquered. But with that, Osman Bay's big plan would be to conquer Iznik Fort. The story of the new season will continue wherever Kurulus Osman Season 3 ends. Because the time jump has been shown this season.

So there's a good chance that not important will change in the new season. Because the new season will come with a new story and new characters. Orhan is also entering good training from his father and mama. The period of Orhan will also be a golden age. Orhan will also follow in the steps of his father Osman Bay and claim numerous palms. Some of Osman Bay's unfulfilled dreams will come true.

Like numerous of Ertugrul Ghazi's dreams were turned into reality by Osman Bay. Ertugrul Ghazi also pictured of establishing an conglomerate. And now, after the subjection of inagol Fort, the dream of establishing an conglomerate will come true. Osman will produce an conglomerate without Qazi Sheikh Adabali. 

An conglomerate where scholars will be recognized. Establishing such an conglomerate was a dream of Osman Bay where no trafficker would weigh lower. Where the flag of justice will fly everyplace.

Following in the steps of Umar bin Abdulaziz, Osman will insure justice everyplace. Sweats to uphold the godly religion will be on the rise. observers, You can ask any question related to Barbaroslar Series in the comment box.

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