Destan Episode 23 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 23 Review

Hello viewers! welcomes you to Historic Series. Ever since Osman Bay entered the inagol fort, hopes for the establishment of an empire have been aroused. Because after the conquest of inagol fort, the establishment of the empire will be certain. Where Osman Bay is seen eliminating all his enemies. 

The protection of the tribe will be ensured by eliminating the traitors there. Barkin Bay is silent after the death of Master Aryus. But now in the next episode, Barkin Bay will start harming Osman Bay again. Barkin Bay's first blow will be on Osman Bay's family. Because Orhan is still in Isaac's captivity. 

And Isaac has encountered Romanos. And Romanos will now use Orhan and Holofira to save himself. In this way, only the bala hatun and malhan hatun can save orhan and Holofera. But the betrayal of Barkin Bay will trap Orhan and Holofira, as well as the Bala hatun and malhan hatun in the trap of Romanos. 

Selvi hatun who still loves Barkin Bay. And before the end of Barkin Bay, the Selvi hatun will surely know the reality of Barkin Bay. Because right now, Barkin will do his own thing in front of the selvi hatun. When the bala hatun and malhan hatun go together to save the prince and princess.

Then Selvi hatun and Barkin Bay will also arrive on the scene. And there will be romance with Isaac as well. Barkin Bay will help Romanos on this occasion. Romanos also knows that Barkin was Master Aryus's, special man. Therefore, Barkin Bay will not miss any opportunity to harm Osman Bay. 

Maybe Barkin would just save one of Orhan or Holofira and let one stay with Romanos. On this occasion, Selvi hatun will also see the real face of Barkin Bay. It is possible that a selvi hatun died during a battle with Romanos and Isaac's soldiers. Because the role of Selvi hatun is leaving the Series Very Soon. 

Barkin Bay may have been the cause of Selvi's death. orhan and Holofira will be taken to the Romanos inagol fortress. Barkin may then revolt openly with Romanos. If Romanos goes to Nikola with these prisoners, Nikola will explicitly ask Osman Bay to leave the fort. 

But after a long battle and many testimonies, Osman Bay has entered the inagol fort. Therefore, there is a good chance that Osman will return only after conquering the inagol fort. If Romanus takes these prisoners to Yarhsar fort, then Osman Bay will also conquer Yarhsar fort.

Because now the series of great victories of Osman Bay has begun. Let's take a look at some more important questions going forward in the article. We will talk about whether the character of cerkutayis leaving the Series along with Gunduz Bay. Will Nikola now play the last game to save inagol Castle? 

Did Nikola have a secret plan to trap Osman Bay? Why is the character of Turhan Alp and Shamil Alp leaving the series? How will Romanos enter the inagol fortress? How would Aktimure react to his father's death? When will the remaining sons of Osman Bay and Malhan hatun be included in the series? 

Which new characters are joining the series? When will Osman announce the establishment of the empire? Why death will be shown in Selvi hatun series? What important events will be seen in the Upcoming episodes of the series?  The Series of brilliant episodes of Destan Series continues. 

The Upcoming episode of the series is going to be full of action like the previous episode. In the next episode, we will see that Nikola's pride will be reduced to dust. Osman Bey or Turgat Bey will cut Nikola's neck. Because historians write that Turgut Bay beheaded Nikola. 

But in the series, Osman will be seen tearing Nikola's neck. After Nikola's death, flags will be flown at inagol Castle. If we talk about which characters are leaving the series on the occasion of the conquest of inagol fort. Everyone knows that Gundoz was martyred on the occasion of the conquest of Bay inagol fort. 

Just in the last episode, we saw that cerkutay is shown along with Gunduz Bay. And cerkutay has been shown to be more than usual. cerkutay and Gunduz have also entered the inagol fort together. The impression is being given that cerkutay's character will leave the Series. 

After Bamsi Bay, cerkutay's character has been much loved in the series. cerkutay and aygul have a large fan base. cerkutay told Gundoz Bay about his children. Because then Gundoz Bay was also very upset because of Aktimure. It is possible that the offspring will soon be shown, in addition to cerkutay and aygul's kayi Saltuk Alp. cerkutay's character will not leave the series. 

When two important soldiers of Osman Bay will leave the series. Everyone loves the role of both cerkutay and Gundoz Bay. All aid to the inagol fort was stopped by Osman Bay. A large Romanos army was also destroyed along the way. Big wars require very important planning. 

When Osman Bay broke part of the fort walls by attacking with catapults. Then Osman Bay decided to move towards the fort. It was a very difficult step to enter the fort. So I said that Osman Bay would have to fight two battles to conquer inagol Fort. Osman has already won a war. 

In the battle outside the foOsmansman Bay and his soldiers remained steadfast. And the second phase started when Osman Bay and his soldiers broke through the gates of inagol fort and entered the fort. Now the real test of Osman Bay and Turgat Bay soldiers has begun. 

Osman Bay and his troops were able to enter the inagol fort only because of Aktimure. Because it was Aktimure who demolished the strong inner bridge of inagol Fort. After which it was easy for Osman Bay to break down the door together with his soldiers. There were also many difficulties near the door. 

Osman soldiers were also pelted with stones and hot oil. But the soldiers of Osman Bay and Turgat Bay moved forward steadfastly. Aktimure's bravery took everyone by surprise. Gundoz Bay was proud of the achievements of his brave son Aktimure. Now Osman will send the Byzantine soldiers to hell in the inagol fortress.  Nikola still looks confident after entering Osman Bay's inagol fort. 

Because Nikola is very confident in her power. Nikola has many powerful soldiers. Romanos told Nikola to be realistic. Because Romanos knew that Osman would not return under any circumstances. If the Romanos with the prince Orhan and the princess holofira. They also succeeded in capturing the malhan hatun. 

Then Romanos will surely go to inagol fort with these prisoners. And then he can use those prisoners to tell Osman Bay to leave the inagol fort. But the chances of that happening are slim. Because after a long siege and great difficulties, Osman Bay entered the inagol fort.

And now Osman will not leave without conquering the inagol fort. After this victory, the establishment of the kingdom will be announced. 

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