Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 With Urdu & English Subtitles

This is Episode No 9 of Barbaros Hayreddin With Urdu & English Subtitles by Historic Series. TRT's historical drama, based on the life of "Barbaros" Hayreddin Pasha and his brothers. The series tells the adventures of Ishak, Oruc, Hizir, and Ilyas fighting high tides and the secrets of the seas in pursuit of the holy secret.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Historic Series. Now just keep in mind that Cerkutay will not be martyred by this wound. We told you that the series is moving the story as slowly as possible. It will proceed at the same speed now. Then the same thing happened in the last episode. The elimination of major characters was seen. Apart from Oktem Bay, Frigg and Olof also left the series. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Even so, Ismihan Sultan was united with Osman Bey. In other words, only Osman Bey and Nayman are left in the field. And this ticker is going to be awesome. You must have guessed it when you saw Nayman first dangerous attack. How is he going to fight Osman Bey? First of all, as expected, the Marmaracik fort has fallen into the hands of the enemies.

Not even a few moments have passed since Inegole Castle was retaken. that Marmarachak fort fell into Nayman's hands. And since the conquest of the Marmaracik fortress was premature. So then he had to go to the enemies. For now Nayman's abode will be Marmaracik Fort. And now all eyes are on Osman Bey and Nayman's match. Remember that defeating the Mongols is no longer the same as defeating the Byzantines.

Nayman has also started executing on upcoming projects. And if you remember, we told you just a few days after Nayman's entry. that he would appear in the Ottoman territories in the guise of dervishes. And now that time has finally come. Nayman was probably traveling in Yenisehir in disguise. And it is chasing Osman Bey's sons. He has already claimed to Osman Bey that Nayman is hurting every one of his loved ones.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 17 March 2023

Now his first target will be Orhan Bay, the successor of Osman Bay. Nayman will be successful in this plan as well. And as in the past, the Mongols captured the little Osman Bey while fighting Ertugul Bey. Now we will see Orhan Bay in the hands of the Mongols. Will discuss Sultana's treachery with Osman Bey. But first let's mention the white bearded ones. Many people were questioning the return of the white beards.

But we have already made it clear that it will be exactly the same as it has been in the past. Seljuqs used to come first. Then the Mongols were shown. And finally the white-bearded ones would come and join the kayi's to fight against these forces. It still happened. As soon as the Mongols attacked Osman Bey in a forceful manner. The white bearded men came forward. Osman Bey is going to be in a lot of trouble. At that time only white bearded men will guide him.

In fact, Nayman's goal was not to be massacred from day one. Rather, he wanted to subjugate everyone on these borders. It was clear from the beginning. That Nayman wants to rule. I don't want to wield a sword. But Osman Bey did not give him respite. That he can succeed in his plans. Before that, Osman Bey had responded to Nayman's statement by attacking him. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

That controlling Osman Bay is not their only concern. The next three to four episodes will see a fierce rivalry between Nayman and Osman Bey. After this, the issue of Seljuk throne will emerge. And with the arrival of Sultan Masoud, Nayman will also end. Talking about Sultana, fans are still in doubt. In what event has Sultana become a supporter of Osman Bey? Or it's all just pretend. We saw many characters suddenly improve And one of them is Ismihan Sultan.

But he himself has made it clear. That she does not support anyone. Rather, she only thinks about herself. His current alliance with Osman Bey is due to this reason. Because he had no choice. But in the trailer she is again seen with Nayman. This is also the reason that Osman is unwilling. That Sultana apparently stayed with Nayman. And yet Ismihan Sultan herself is playing the game. But according to the current situation, Sultana will not betray Osman Bey.

Because soon Ismihan and Sultan Alauddin will fall into the hands of the Mongols. Apart from this, the incident of the last episode which is going to grab everyone's attention. that Konur Alp was not present at the time of the conquest of Inegol Castle. Now the fans are thinking that Boran Alp and other fictional characters are playing a major role in the big victories. While historical soldiers like Konur and others are missing from the scene.

Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 With English Subtitles

Although Boran Alp and Konur Alp came to Yenisehir together. But Konur Alp was not a part of this great war. He must have been assigned to guard the Yenisehir. But this behavior of Korlish Osman's team with historical characters is disappointing the fans. Why has Osman Bey declared to be under Nayman? I will share its details with you in the next article. Which scene of the previous episode did you find most inspiring? Be sure to tell in the comment box.

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