Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 With Urdu & English Subtitles

This is Episode No 10 of Barbaros Hayreddin With Urdu & English Subtitles by Historic Series. TRT's historical drama, based on the life of "Barbaros" Hayreddin Pasha and his brothers. The series tells the adventures of Ishak, Oruc, Hizir, and Ilyas fighting high tides and the secrets of the seas in pursuit of the holy secret.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Historic Series. Why has Osman Bey declared Nayman's subjugation? Is Osman Bey really going to have an alliance with the Mongols? Did the Whitebeards recommend Osman Bey to work under Nayman? Is Osman Bey's surrender to Nayman part of a secret plan? Are Osman Bey's children also in Nayman's prison at this time? Is Ismihan Sultan still cheating on Osman Bey? Is it time for a time jump in the series?

Are we going to see the big historical forts and governors now? What important secret has Whitebeard given to Osman Bey that can get him out of all difficulties? At this time, which traitor is present in the series that no one has even noticed? In addition, we will discuss whether Nayman will once again collide with Sheikh Edebali. Is there a possibility of Nayman becoming a Muslim? Will Nayman have a big hand in overthrowing the Seljuks?

I will share the details of many more interesting things with you in the next video. So watch the video till the end And subscribe our channel. Kurulus Osman series has impressed the fans at the moment. Everyone The last episode full of action, curiosity and excitement didn't even give the fans a chance to blink. But many incidents of this wonderful episode made the fans sad. The episode ended on a very curious scene, playing with the emotions of the fans.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 10 March 2023

The fans could not even celebrate the victory. And then Nayman's reaction made everyone cringe. The trailer of the upcoming episode of Nagar came out with even more surprising events. All the stories of the previous episode were reversed. Everyone was stunned when Osman Bey decided to surrender to Nayman. How did he, who sacrificed one of his main heroes by beheading Olof to Nayman, now back off? After all, why is Osman Bay declaring

to be under Nayman? This scene has left the fans confused. Is the great Osman Bey, who never surrendered to the enemy, now going to unite with Osman Bey? All eyes are on it. But the real problem is that the unity is not being equal. Because Osman is announcing the use of the sword under Nayman. It is obvious that such a thing cannot be imagined. That Osman Bey should lead the struggle in the name of Allah and the truth under the Mongols.

We have been telling you since day one. That Nayman wants to rule these territories. Its purpose is not mass murder. And then Osman Bey is also so capable and intelligent. That he knows well where to use the sword and where he can defeat the enemy with words. Nayman is also a different and intelligent enemy. But Osman Bey is adept at confounding his enemies in his plans. Nayman and Osman Bay don't hold back a single step in the final scene at Inegol Castle.

Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 With Urdu Subtitles

But this attitude of Osman Bey is a trap for Nayman. Because now Nayman wants to surround Osman Bey from all sides. So Osman Bey has already joined him. So that the enemy can't plan much while staying away. And most importantly, Nayman went one step further. And showing cowardice, attacked the Turkish children as well. We told you at Nayman's entry that he would appear in the guise of dervishes. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Now finally that scene has come out in the episode. Glimpses of it have also been seen in the trailer. The purpose of Nayman's appearance in the guise of dervishes has also become clear. He has come to kidnap Osman Bey's children. Not only that, it was also found that the Mongols have captured children from many Turkish regions. After which their mind will be changed by going through a certain process. And the Mongols will be made loyal.

We saw all this situation in the fifth season of Dirilis Ertugrul. Where little Osman Bey was taken away by the Mongols. This time, Osman Bey's son Orhan Bey is likely to be arrested. Apart from this, many more Turkish children were seen in the captivity of the Mongols. Last season, Julia kidnapped Turkish children from Sogut. And this time Nayman will be seen doing this move. Then the reason for this sudden change of attitude of Osman Bey seems to be the same.

Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 With English Subtitles

That Turkish children are with Nayman. And Osman Bey may have taken this step to stay close to Nayman. But still many scenes are confusing the fans. On the one hand, Uthman is announcing his submission to Nayman. Turgat Bey, on the other hand, has been involved in fierce clashes with Osman Bey's close associates. Turgat Bey and Osman Bey's soldiers clashed with the Mongols. And there is a horse carriage behind.

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