Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu and English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Historic Series For Watching & Download Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu and English Subtitles Millions of passionate soldiers cannot compete with a handful of brave soldiers. Nikola has given his soldiers large quantities of gold so that they can buy more troops. The Byzantine emperor Andronikos would no longer send new troops to help Nikola. So Nikola needs a new army to defeat Osman Bay.

Nikola gathers a good army, but she lacks faith. A handful of Osman Bay soldiers who are devoted to the cause of faith throw large enemies on the battlefield. Some time ago, Osman Bay and Malhan hatun had killed the killers together. The assassins also inflicted heavy losses on Osman Bay in exchange for gold coins. And in the same way, Julia also came to fight against Osman Bay with many soldiers who were skilled in war.

Nikola, who is now buying a new army, will be a gang fighting for money just like the assassins. But with his inclusion in the series, Osman Bay's troubles will increase. But playing with difficulties makes Osman Bay even more powerful. Many new characters are expected to enter the series in the near future. On one side will be the entry of two big characters like Gunduz Bay's son as well as the entry of the new Bilecik Tekfor.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 26 Release Date

  • Series Name: Kurulus Osman 
  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 26
  • Release Date: 20 April 2022

But at the same time, a new Byzantine girl will be entered. Because whenever an old character leaves the series. So in order to maintain the balance of the series, that character is replaced by another new character in the series. After Mari, Cornelia's character has also left the series. So there is a good chance to see the entry of a Byzantine girl. The girl may also appear as the sister or daughter of the new Bilecik Tekfor.

On the other hand, the entry of a new Nikola commander is now required. In the last single episode, many important characters had left the series. Therefore, the interest in the series will be increased by adding some new characters in the series. There are a lot of important things coming up in the series right now regarding the time jump. But remove your confusion if the time jump in the series, the next episode may be delayed.

No official news has come out yet regarding the major change in time. But some important points point out that a time jump can be taken in the series. Because there have been a lot of complaints from fans that Season 3 did not see any significant developments in the series. On the contrary, the series has moved forward very slowly. Therefore, it is possible to take a time jump in the series to show the historical events soon.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 Hitoric Series

Because of the historical aspect, Orhan was 18 to 19 years old at the time of the conquest of inagol fort. But now it looks like the next four to five episodes of the series will show the victory of inagol Fort. But Orhan is still in his childhood. The series can be expedited to resolve this historical discrepancy. As the series progresses, we will be able to see the new enemies of Osman Bay. If Master Arius speaks. Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Arius, who wrote stories of cruelty and barbarism, has been out of the series for a short time. But in four to five episodes, Master Aryus can be brought back. With the big change in the story of the series, we will be able to see Osman Bay getting stronger. Because many tribes will come to the aid of Osman Bay. The alliance of the new strong tribes with Osman Bay is essential for the establishment of the empire.

On the occasion of the conquest of inagol fort, Osman Bay will also send a strong army with Turgat Bay. It is also possible that we see the conquest of the Bilecik fortress before the conquest of the inagol fortress. Because according to history, Osman Bay had conquered the Bilecik fortress before the inagol fortress. Nikola is seen plotting to overthrow osman Bay at any moment. While the role of Nikola, who has been shown to be weak since the beginning of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman. And Nikola was not seen competing with Osman Bay in any way.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 26 in Urdu

But now it looks like Nikola's character will be strengthened. Because the victory of inagol fort in the series is near. Nikola, is furious with the Byzantine emperor over his peace treaty. o Nikola will get emotional and break the peace agreement. Nikola will have to face the wrath of the Byzantine emperor Andronikos n the contrary when Osman Bay and Turgut Alp tried to conquer the inagol fort, the emperor would not intervene.

At the same time, there will be no help from the emperor Nikola. Which will make Nikola even weaker. And it will be easy for Osman Bay to conquer inagol Fort. But Nikola will not give up so easily. But it looks like Nikola's character will leave the Kurulus Osman Series by the end of this season. Because Nikola's death will also be on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu and English Subtitles

On the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort, many important characters will leave the series forever. But the victory of inagol will be such a great victory for osman Bay that after this victory osman Bay will succeed in establishing the empire. viewers look at some other important questions along with this information. Let's talk about when the big battle in the series will start. Why won't osman behead Nikola himself?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 in English

Which new Byzantine Tekfors will come to the aid of osman Bay after Kosis? When will the Malhan hatun's second child be born? Will the offspring of cerkutay and Aygul also be shown? What is osman Bay's big plan to conquer inagol fort? Kurulus osman's explosive episodes have driven fans crazy. After orhan, osman Bay and other children of Malhan hatun will also be shown in the series. If the time jump is shown in the series, then orhan will be shown as ten to eleven years old. While another son of a Malhan hatun will be shown as 2 to 3 years old.

While in the series Malhan will be shown the baby without being shown pregnant. Because repeated incidents in the Series lead to a decrease in interest in the series. The childern of cerkutay and Aygul will be seen in the coming season of Kurulus osman. His brother Gundoz Bay, who has been with osman Bay for a long time, will leave the osman series at the end of this season. The martyrdom of Gunduz Bay will take place on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort.

It is possible that the testimony of his son Akitamur was also seen before Gunduz Bay. The establishment of the empire did not come into being like this, but osman Bay also sacrificed his brother and nephew. The empire came into being when thousands of mothers sacrificed their livers. Before the conquest of inagol fort, the character of Kosis will become Muslim. Because we saw Cornelia say she killed Mari because she wanted to be a Muslim.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles

From which it is clear that even Kosis will soon become Muslims. Kosis is also looking forward to seeing Nikola's death. It is a matter of sincerity and loyalty of osman Bay that many Byzantine Takfurs also seem to support osman Bay. Viewers Mongols are unlikely to be included again this Season. Now in the coming season we will be able to see the decline of the Mongols. Turgat Bay's second wedding will definitely be seen.

But Turgat Bay's second marriage will now be shown in the next season of Kurulus osman. At the same time, in the coming season, We will be able to see the offspring of cerkutay and Aygul. After the departure of Ibrahim Faqhi, it seems that this season of Kaurulus osman will be shortened. The season will end with the Great Battle and the conquest of inagol Fortress. Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Therefore, it can be said that by the end of this season, the role of Selcan hatun will also leave the series. Because the new season comes with a new story and new characters. There are five to ten episodes of kurulus osman Season 3 left. Because some events are yet to happen in the series. After inhsar Fort, Bilecik and inagol Fort will also become the property of osman Bay. viewers. Are you also eagerly waiting for the trailer of Kurulus osman's new upcoming episode? You must tell us in the comment box

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