Barbaroslar Episode 26 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 26 Review 

A brave man is better than a thousand cowards. Stories of Osman Bay's bravery were told all over Anatolia. And many young men, inspired by Osman Bay's bravery, want to join the war with Osman Bay. History also always remembers the heroes. Hypocrites and cowards are forgotten as if they never existed. Ibrahim the faqih hypocrite has now fled leaving Nikola alone for fear of Osman Bay's rising power. 

Let's talk about the important issues at the beginning of the article today. News of major changes in the Barbaroslar series is coming in the coming time. Because with the change of time in the series, a time jump of 10 to 15 years can come. By the way, the time jump is usually shown from the beginning of the new season. 

But the last Barbaroslar episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles ended with some scenes that point to the passage of time. For example, the treaty between the Byzantine emperor and Sultan Massoud is a historic one. This peace treaty between the Byzantines and the Turks will last for ten years. Of course, Osman Bay will not break this agreement. Therefore, it can be said that neither Nikola nor Osman will break this agreement. 

On the contrary, extending the series by ten years would automatically end the deal. From the beginning of Barbaroslar season 1, we had seen Malhan hatun having a nightmare. Where orhan and Allauddin were shown between the ages of ten and eleven. The actors who will play the roles of Arhan and Allauddin between the ages of ten and eleven are still part of the set of Barbaroslar. 

And those characters are being trained in horsemanship and fencing. From which it seems clear that after the time lag, Orhan and Allauddin Ali will be magnified. At the same time, there will be major changes in the characters and the set of Barbaroslar. 

Because we will be able to see that Turgut Bay and Kosis together will besiege the inagol fort. The peace deal between Osman Bay and Nikola will reveal some more important historical secrets. It is also important to show those important secrets correctly in the series. 

As history testifies, Turgut Alp played a key role in the conquest of inagol Fort. On the contrary, some historians write that the inagol fort was conquered by Turgut Alp. Nikola was furious when the peace agreement between Osman Bay and Nikola was shown. While Osman Bay also seemed satisfied because the Byzantine emperor fulfilled all the conditions of Osman Bay against his will. 

Osman Bay said to Turgat Bay and Kosis that I have made a peace treaty but not you. Because after the peace agreement, Turgat Bay had asked Osman Bay if he would forget his dream with this agreement. Conquering the inagol fort is a long-held dream of Osman Bay. 

And it is not possible that Osman Bay will steal his dream under this agreement. On the contrary, Osman Bay will now prepare Turgat Bay and Kosis to conquer inagol Fort. Because historically, inagol fort was conquered by Turgat Bay. Therefore, in order to show the truth of the aspect of history, inagol will conquer the fort of Turgut. While osman Bay will help Turgat Bay and Kosis in every way for this victory. 

Nikola, on the other hand, is angry with the Byzantine emperor. Nikola alone wants to eliminate Osman Bay and all Turks. Nikola said he is silent and that the silence is before the storm. The storm could Mean the arrival of Nikola's Supporters here. Because now there is no enemy of Osman Bay except Nikola in the series. Therefore, Nikola has been re-strengthened from the Previous Episode. 

At the same time, Bileciek's new Tekfor Digne's will soon be part of the series. Bilecik's new Tekfor will also announce its support for Osman Bay. On the other hand, he will form a strong alliance with Nikola. After the arrival of the new ally, Nikola will surely do some great harm to Osman Bay through some kind of ambush. It is possible that Nikola and Bilecik Tekfur will try to target Sogot together. 

In 1302, Osman Bay and the Byzantines met in a major battle. The battle of that1302 was the battle of Kohnisar. Now there is a historical difference regarding this war as well. Because some historians write that this battle took place after the conquest of the fortress of inagol. 

And some say that this war took place before the establishment of the empire. Because after the conquest of inagol fort, Osman will succeed in establishing a kingdom. Let's take a look at some more interesting questions going forward in the article. Let's talk about why Nikola will break the treaty with the emperor and Sultan Massoud? What will Osman Bay do to Nikola now? 

Which positive character is leaving the series after Saltuk Alp? Is the Bala hatun character going to say goodbye to the series by the end of this season? Which major characters are joining the series? Will Aryus's character be returned to the Series? At the same time, we will look at important events in the near future. 

You must watch the article till the end to know the details of all these. If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you get the first news related to Barbaroslar. The Stunning Episodes of the Barbaroslar Series are seen scattering unique colors on the screen. 

The next four to five episodes of Aryus will not be seen in the series. But as soon as Aryus's character is brought back, he will be shown to be more powerful. While the role of Nikola, who has been shown to be weak since the beginning of Season 3 of Barbaroslar. And Nikola was not seen competing with Osman Bay in any way. But now it looks like Nikola's character will be Strengthened. 

Because the victory of inagol fort in the series is near. Nikola, is furious with the Byzantine emperor over his peace treaty. So Nikola will get emotional and break the peace agreement. Nikola will have to face the wrath of the Byzantine emperor Andronikos. On the contrary, when Osman Bay and Turgut Alp tried to conquer the inagol fort, the emperor would not intervene. 

At the same time, there will be no help from the emperor for Nikola. And it will be easy for Osman Bay to conquer inagol Fort. But Nikola will not give up so easily. Instead, he will buy gold coins for those who can fight for his safety. Viewers Another important point that everyone ignored. 

The Byzantine mine that Osman Bay conquered will remain in Osman Bay's possession. Kosis said no Byzantine would trade with Tekfor Nikola. Turgut Bay said no caravan would enter the commercial market of inagol Fort. While Osman will also earn good money by extracting minerals from the mine. At the same time, the iron from the ear will be used to make swords and other weapons. 

And Osman Bay will also pay taxes to Osman Bay who will trade with the Byzantine Tekfurs. In this way, Nikola will become very weak and Osman will appear to be gaining strength in the areas of Anatolia. It is very soon and it is possible that in the next episode, the son of Gunduz Bay will be entered in the series. After the martyrdom of Saltuk, it may have belonged to Baysunger.

At the same time, Akitmure, the son of Gunduz Bay, will be martyred in the same season. When Gunduz Bay will be martyred on the occasion of the conquest of inagol fort. And after the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay, the role of Ayesha hatun will also be removed from the series. If we talk about whether the role of the Bala hatun will also leave the series by the end of this season? So viewers are not like that at all.

The role of the Bala hatun will remain a part of this series. But it cannot be said with certainty that Selcan hatun will be seen in the next season. Because there will be a long time jump in the series, then it will not be possible to show the Selcan hatun as an old woman. Therefore, it can be said that by the end of this season, the role of Selcan hatun will also leave the Series. 

Because the new season comes with a new story and new characters. There are five to ten episodes of Barbaroslar Season 1 left. Because some events are yet to happen in the series. This season will end with the conquest of inagol Fortress and a great battle. After inhisar Fort, Bilecik, and inagol Fort will also become the property of Osman Bay. viewers Do you think it is right to conquer inagol Fort with the character of Turgat Bay? Please give your opinion in the comment box.

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