Destan Episode 20 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 20 review

You are lucky to have good friends even with enemies. And there is no one more unfortunate than you if the people around you who look like friends are your biggest enemies. The character of Kosis is less than praiseworthy. Because even at the risk of his own life, Kosis always helped Osman Bay. While Barkin Bay on which Osman Bay has done many favors but that tyrant always thinks of harming Osman Bay. 

Right now, because of Barkin Bay, Osman Bay's big plan to conquer the Bilecik fortress will be ruined. But in this way, Osman will conquer the Bilecik fortress, but Nikola and Aryus will escape once again. Yarhsar Tekfor, along with Nikola and justinyanus, plotted Osman Bay's death. 

But now Yarhasar Tekfor has received word that justinyanus has told Kosis about the plan. That is why Yarhasar Tekfour did not come to the Bilecik fortress with his daughter Holofira. At the same time, through Barkin Bay, Nikola and Master Aryus learned of Osman Bay's secret plan. 

Therefore, both Nikola and Master Aryus will not go to the Bilecik fortress. The Bilecik Takfor justinyanus will continue his plan. We saw that during the day, along with Osman Bay, Malhan hatun and Bala hatun had also entered the Bilecik fortress. But when Osman Bay and his soldiers were fighting at night, the Bala hatun and malhan hatun were not present. Viewers Osman Bay had already planned when and how to attack. 

Some of Osman Bay's soldiers in Byzantine uniforms also entered the Bilecik fortress. And at the behest of Osman Bay, all the soldiers began to cut the necks of the enemy. Now Malhan hatun and Bala hatun will secretly take Orhan and Allauddin out of the fort. When Osman Bay and his soldiers conquered the Bilecik fortress. Or Orhan and Alauddin may not be present in the Bilecik fortress. 

Because Yarhsar Governor had taken Orhan and Allauddin to his fort. Because the governor of Yarhasar had already heard about Osman Bay's plan. Because the governor of Yarhasar will not bring Princess Holofira to the Bilecik fortress in any way. Now, after conquering the Bilecik fortress, the next challenge for Osman Bay will be to save his children and the princess from the tyranny of Yarhasar Tekfour. 

Because according to history, Osman Bay had conquered Bilecik and Yarhsar fort before inagol fort. Therefore, Osman will again turn towards Yarhsar Fort. Even after conquering the Bilecik fortress, Osman Bay will face some difficulties. Like Bilecik Tekfor, he already knew about Osman Bay's plan. Therefore, justinyanus had already increased the security measures of the fort. 

At the same time, all secret passages were closed. On this occasion, Osman Bay will once again fall prey to the trick of Bilecik Tekfor. But Turgat Bay and his soldiers will come to the aid of Osman Bay immediately. Who were already in the castle in Byzantine dress? 

In this way, Osman Bay will be able to defeat the justinyanus and conquer the Bilecik fortress. After the conquest of the Bilecik fortress, it will be the turn of the Yarhasar fortress. Osman will make the governor of Yarhasar a target of a great lesson. Because Yarhasar Governor Basieleus is very cruel. 

Even Basieleus does not refrain from abusing his stepdaughter. So Osman Bay will save his sons as well as Princess Holofira from that tyrant. Thus, after the overthrow of Yarhsar Tekfor Basieleus, Yarhsar Fort will also become the property of the Qayi tribe. The golden age of Osman Bay has begun. 

Where Osman will be seen winning big victories one after another. Let's take a look at some more important questions going forward in the video. After the conquest of Bilecik and Yarhassar Fortress, when will Osman Bey be able to conquer inagol Fortress? 

Will there be an entry in the Turgut Alp series on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort? Are the character of Bala hatun and cerkutay leaving the series till the end of this season? When will the death of Barkin Bay and Master Aryus be seen? What role will the role of the Selvi hatun play in Barkin Bay's death? 

What is the main reason for not getting entry in the series of Gunduz Bay's son? A series of very powerful episodes of Kurulus Osman series is going on. After the conquest of the Bilecik fort and the Yarhsar fort, the next major target will be the conquest of the inagol fort. And this season will end with the victory of inagol Fort. Conquering inagol Fort will not be as easy as conquering other forts.

Osman Bay will have to fight a big battle to conquer inagol fort. In that great battle, many will lose their own Osman Bay. We are still waiting for the entry of some historical characters. Because history testifies that the Turgut Alps played a key role in the conquest of inagol Fort. 

That's why Turgut Alp will cut Nikola's neck. Nikola's character will leave the series by the end of this season. While the character of Gunduz Bay will also be called farewell to the Series. And from some sources, it is also being reported that by the end of this season, the role of Bala hatun and cerkutay will also leave the Series. 

While the role of Selcan hatun is leaving the series in the next one to two episodes. Akitmure, the son of Gundoz Bay, will be making an entry in the last three to four episodes of this season. The time has come for Barkin to openly oppose Osman Bay. Because it is also possible that after visiting the Bilecik fortress of Osman Bay, Barkin attacked Sogut. Now the end of Barkin and Master Arius is near. 

The Selvi hatun has been incited by Barkin Bay to oppose Osman Bay. But Selvi will not oppose osman Bay in any way. Barkin will also find out about Osman Bay's secret place where Osman Bay is making weapons to prepare for war. So Barkin will try to attack that place together with Aryus. 

But this time Osman will not allow Barkin to succeed in his nefarious intentions at any cost. And once Barkin's betrayal comes to light, Osman Bay will not hesitate to cut his neck. After conquering the Bilecik fortress, Osman will bring Princess Holofira to the Qayi tribe. 

After that, we will be able to see the love story of Princess Holofira and Prince Orhan go on. In the same season, only love scenes between the princess and the prince will be seen. In the next season, this love story will reach marriage. Princess Holofira will also be blessed with the wealth of Islam. 

After becoming a Muslim, Princess Holofera will become a Nilufer hatun. While many characters are mentioned in the series, fans are also seen waiting for some old historical characters. The series can be entered in the series for the historic victories of the character of Samsa Cavas. 

But his role will be played by another actor. Considering the story of the series, which characters should be included in the series and which characters should be removed from the series. viewers, Do you think that the role of the Bala hatun should be a part of the series till the end of Destan?

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