Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 With Urdu & English Subtitles

This is Episode No 22 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu with Urdu & English Subtitles by Historic Series. The TRT production is a prequel story of Awakening: the Great Seljuk. It depicts the life and triumphs of Sultan Alparslan, the second sultan of the Seljuk dynasty, whose victories expanded the empire in the 11th century.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 With Urdu & English Subtitles

No matter how clever the enemy is, someone will make a mistake that will reveal his true nature. This is exactly what Barkin Bay and Master Aryus have done. In the next episode, after the conquest of the Bilecik fortress, Osman Bay will realize that Barkin Bay is a great enemy. And the Selvi hatun will also play a key role in bringing Barkin's identity to light. Barkin made the mistake of telling all the chiefs and the Selvi hatun Osman Bay was going to die tonight in the

Bilecik fortress. However, Master Aryus made the mistake of keeping the sons of Osman Bay in the Bilecik fortress instead of taking them to the inagol fortress. When Master Aryus and Nikola's plan fails, they will regret that the children should have been kept in the inagol fortress. After all, is said and done, Bilecik Tekfor Justinyanus will do his best to fight Osman Bay with his soldiers. But when Justinyanus fails, he threatens Osman Bay. Throwdown your swords .

or your sons will be killed. Osman Bay will not heed this threat at all. Because under Osman Bay's plan, the children would have already been rescued by Bala hatun and malhan hatun .Therefore, Osman Bay and his soldiers will continue fighting until the Bilecik fortress is conquered. Now, most of the focus in the series will be on the important victories of Osman Bay. If we talk about which important soldiers of Osman Bay will leave this series before the end of the season?

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu Subtitles
  • Release Date: 19 April 2022

So the viewers were already getting some rumors that cerkutay's character might leave the series. But that will not be possible. We will also see the role of cerkutay in season 4. Because a big and important character like cerkutay leaving the series can affect the rating of the series. Yes, but the role of Baysungar and Ganchy Bay in the fight at the end of season 3 can say goodbye to the series. And from some sources, it is also being reported that the role of the Bala hatun will not be seen in the coming season. While in the series of characters like Bala hatun, death will not be shown.

And it would be a big mistake for the producer to remove a character like Bala hatun from the Series. Alparslan fans also have a large number of fans of Bala hatun. Fans of the Bala hatun always want to see the top lady in action. So there are chances that the Bala hatun will be a part of this series till the end. But the bad news for fans of Selcan hatun is that the character of Selcan hatun is leaving the series soon. The character who has been making the Alparslan

flourish for a long time will leave us. Another piece of good news is that Kocsis's character is now becoming Muslim. Kosis was attacked by his close Byzantine allies. Nikola and Yarhasar Tekfour wanted the Kosis to be abolished. Because Kosis seems to be supporting Osman Bay at every opportunity. But Osman Bay reached the spot and saved Kosis's life. Kosis was sent to Sheikh Adabali by Osman Bay while he was injured. You will recall that Kosis attacked Sheikh Adabali.

Alparslan Episode 22 Fighting Action Scene

Because Wazir Alam Shah had told Kosis to attack Sheikh Adabali. Sheikh Adabali was then badly injured. Now only Sheikh Adabali will apply ointment on the wounds of Kosis. Then Kosis will be ashamed of the old events. Sheikh Adabali's speech on this occasion will affect Kosis. And Kosis will be interested in becoming a Muslim. So we will soon see Koss become a Muslim. As we move on in the video we look at some more interesting questions.

Talk about when and how Barkin Bay will die. What are the highlights of Season 3? What will be the major change in the character of the malhan hatun in the time to come? How could Nikola leave her ustad, Arius? When and how might the passage in the Turgat Alp series be made? the splendid and strong episodes of the Kurulus Osman series have enthralled the fans. The air of the wedding in the Bilecik post will transform into a front line.

Endeavors will be made to harm Osman Bay and his warriors at the Bilecik Fortress wedding. However, Osman Bay has proactively pre-arranged a remedy for poison from Kumral Abdal. The issue isn't the way Osman got away from the Bilecik fort. Tragically, Osman Bay's entire arrangement turned out badly when Arius captured Osman Bay's youngsters. Truth be told, Osman Bay doesn't have a particular intend to save the youngsters.

Alparslan Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Princess Holofira will assume a vital part in this. As indicated by our examination, just Princess Holofira will save Orhan and Allauddin. Yet, then again, there are potential possibilities that the Bala hatun will protect Orhan and Allauddin. However, regardless of whether the Bala hatun saves Alauddin and orhan, Holofira will in any case help the Bala hatun. Since Osman Bay has gone to the Bilecik post to save Princess Holofira from the despot.

On this event, the Governor of Yarhasar Fort will pass on. Simultaneously, the Bilecik lead representative apologizes to Osman Bay. Since it appears to be that Osman won't kill the Bilecik lead representative. All things considered, the Bilecik lead representative will carry Justinyanus and Princess Holofira to the Qayi clan. Justinyanus, nephew of Rogatos. Rogatos kicked the bucket battling for the reason for Osman Bay. To that end Osman won't kill Justinyanus.

It was Bilecik Tekfor Justinyanus who restricted Kosis to go to the wedding. Since Rogatos and Kosis were awesome companions. Princess Holofira will switch over completely to Islam when the Qayi clan shows up, affected by the way of behaving surprisingly, including Osman Bay and Orhan. In the wake of turning into a Muslim, Holofira will be named Nilufer hatun. After that Osman Bay will be locked in to Nilufer and Orhan.


Alparslan Episode 22 English Subtitles Full HD

Holofira will be the main Byzantine lady of the hour to visit the Ottoman Empire. What's more, Holofira will be considered orhan's most memorable spouse. Yet, Orhan and Holofira's wedding won't be imaginable this season. Since there are ten episodes of season 3 remaining. Alparslan Season 2, Episode No.27 will end. Thus far this season, three significant palaces still need to be prevailed. Since in the wake of vanquishing the Bilecik fortress and the Yarhsar post,

To that end Osman won't kill Justinyanus.the following objective of Osman Bay will be the inagol fortification. The last episode of this season will show the triumph of inagol Fort. Since Nikola's personality will leave the series toward this season's end. Simultaneously, five to six significant characters will express farewell to the series toward this season's end. The personality of Selcan hatun who is the last indication of Diryls Ertugrul series. 

Presently the job of Selcan hatun is additionally a visitor of a couple of episodes. Alongside Selcan hatun, the job of Gunduz Bay will likewise be expressed farewell to the series. The affliction of Gunduz Bay will be because of Nikola. Nikola's passing will be because of Turgut Bay. watchers, you can pose any inquiry connected with Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 With Urdu & English Subtitles in the remark box.

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