Destan Episode 19 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 19 Review

As soon as the trailer of the upcoming episode of Destan Series comes out, the fans are looking excited. The upcoming episode of Kurulus Osman Season 3 is going to be the best episode of the season so far. With the increase in orhan's age, Orhan Bay's wife has also been included in the series. 

At the same time, the governors of the Tekfour and Yarhsar forts of the Bilecik fort have also been entered in the series. In addition, we will be able to see the entry of Akitmure, son of Gundoz Bay in the upcoming episode. At the same time, an important commander will be allowed to enter along with Nikola. 

Orhan Bay and Allauddin Ali are seen rescuing a Byzantine princess from Byzantine soldiers. Byzantine Prince Holofira, daughter of the Governor of Yarhsar. Nikola may have been kidnapping his daughter, perhaps to increase his power or to blackmail the governor. But Orhan and Allauddin Ali rescued Princess Holofira and brought her to the Qayi tribe. 

After that, we saw the Yarhsar governor coming from the Qayi tribe. Of course, the governor of Yarhasar is coming to fetch his daughter from Osman Bay. Governor Yarhasar will be impressed by Osman Bay's hospitality and attitude on this occasion. But Nikola will be seen raging furiously at this point. Historically, Orhan Ghazi had four wives. And all four wives were of Byzantine descent. 

Who later converted to Islam. Princess Holofira, now featured in the series, will be orhan Bay's first wife. Princess Holofira will become a Niloofar hatun after becoming a Muslim. So Princess Holofira will now be the fiance of the Bilecik fortress Tekfor. Because in the coming episode, big characters will be shown. 

Watching the upcoming episode, fans will feel as if season 1 of Destan Series has started. Because of the costumes of the characters the appearance of the characters will change in every way. At the same time, some new Turkish tribes will be part of the Series. It is also possible that Selcan hatun's tribe will be included in the Series. And some tribes will be part of the series that will strongly oppose Osman Bay. 

Besides, the decline of the Mongols would begin with the death of Argon Khan in the same period. At the same time, the Seljuk state will begin to weaken. Because many uprisings will also take place in the Seljuk state. At the same time, Sultan Masood may die and his son may take over the throne. 

At the same time, Osman Bay will emerge very powerful. We will see that soon Osman will be able to conquer the inagol fort. Because now the time that will be shown in the series will be 1299. And in 1299 the inagol fort was conquered. The Byzantine emperor will also lose his power. Because when Nikola broke the treaty between the Turks and the Byzantines, Nikola would have to suffer a great loss. 

Because Osman Bay will conquer inagol fort by attacking inagol fort. At the same time, Nikola will die. And after the conquest of inagol Fort, no one will be able to stop Osman Bay from establishing an empire. Because after the fall of the Seljuk state, the Qayi tribe will become very strong. 

At the same time, many strong tribes will become part of the Qayi tribe. inagol will be followed by Bilecik and then Iznik Fortress. Osman Bay will be seen winning one great victory after another. In the same way, Orhan Bay will be seen conquering great forts in the life of Osman Bay. On the other hand, if we talk about how long the role of Selcan hatun and Sheikh Adabali will be a part of the series? 

The role of Selcan hatun can say goodbye to the series till the end of season 3. The role of Sheikh Adabali will remain a part of the series till the establishment of the kingdom. And Sheikh Adabali will be seen training his grandson Allauddin Ali. In my personal opinion, the conquest of inagol Fort will be shown in the 100th episode of the season. And on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. 

We will see a big battle in the series. And the character of Gunduz Bay will also leave the series on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. Because at the end of this season we will be able to see the testimony of Gunduz Bay. In addition, many other important characters will leave the series by the end of this season. By the end of this season, Osman Bay will have conquered inagol Fort. 

While at the beginning of the new season, Osman will succeed in establishing the kingdom. The life of any human being is nothing but a purpose. If a person associates his life with a purpose, not a single moment of his life is wasted. Osman Bay also told Orhan and Allauddin that this is the only goal that moves us forward. Osman Bay's main goal was to defeat the infidels and to claim great victories. 

Osman Bay asked Orhan, Son, what is the purpose for which we are living? So Orhan gave a very beautiful answer saying that Baba our goal is to unite all Muslims under one flag. So Alauddin, showing the effect of his excellent training, replied,  Our aim is to raise the voice of the word. That is, the only purpose of our life is to follow the ways taught by Allah and His Messenger. 

Alauddin Ali who is the son of a Bala hatun. And historically, Alauddin was the only son of the Bala hatun. And Alauddin was trained by his grandfather Sheikh Adabali. Therefore, he took responsibility for the supremacy of religion. While orhan, like his father Osman Bay and his mother Malhan hatun, conquered many areas with the sword. Osman Bay also said that the establishment of a glorious empire requires scholars and brave warriors. Allauddin, with his intellectual abilities, fully supported orhan. 

If Osman Bay had to face any major issue, he would come to ask Sheikh Adabali for a solution. In the same way, Allauddin will tell orhan the solution to the problems that arise in the affairs of the state. History has shown that Orhan Ghazi and Allauddin had a very good relationship. Orhan was more interested in political affairs. Because orhan spent most of his time with his mother, Malhan hatun. 

Osman Bay, while training his children, also said son, we will not leave any oppressed person behind. The end of the oppressors will be in our hands. osman Bay said that neither our journey nor our wars will end. Son, as long as we have our breath left, we will be seen running horses. Because travel is the key to success. 

We will continue to run horses and collect victories. Many of Osman Bay's soldiers will also be martyred on the occasion of inagol Fort. 25 episodes of Destan Season 1 have been aired. a time jump has been taken in the Series. So it is possible that ten more episodes will be seen now. If we talk about the character of Kosis and Turgat Bay. It is possible that the character of Kosis has become Muslim. 

Because Kosis has been supporting Osman Bay for a long time. Therefore, there is a good chance that Kosis will be a Muslim when he is shown in the series. While Turgat Bay along with Osman Bay will conquer inagol fort. Vieweres In the new trailer we saw the Bala hatun and the malhan ahtun as well as the selcan hatun. 

Ten years later, the Selcan hatun is now seen with a cane. While the viewers have seen changes in character, many tribes may have come to Osman Bay. viewers, You can ask any question related to Destan Series in the comment box.

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