Barbaroslar Episode 27 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Review 

The newly released episode of Barbaroslar Series. This episode, which came out with various changes after the time gap, made a home in everyone's heart. The wonderful episode was full of action and curiosity. Many of the fans' objections were dispelled. And the changes in the story seemed to attract the fans. 

No special time has been spent in the story since the beginning of the season. And now a long gap of ten years has made everyone's heart happy. Fans' interest in the story has grown significantly. New characters and a new story add four moons to the series. For a long time, there was nothing new in the story. 

Old events were making fans feel bored. In such a situation, Kuruluş Osman's team took a big decision. And stepped back on the screen with great events. There is no doubt that the series is ready to reach the heights of fame once again. Step by step suspense in the new episode impressed everyone. 

But then the series continued the tradition. And the wonderful episode ended with a very curious scene. Once again the enemies have invaded. Now everyone is looking at who will break the peace agreement between the two states. We will talk about this in today's article. 

At the same time, will you tell us whether Osman will conquer both Belçik and Yarhisar forts in the next episode? How will Osman Bey save his sons? Is it time for Arius's secret to be revealed? Will the invasion of the Belçik fortress with Malhun Hatun's troops thwart all of Osman Bey's plans? 

What a big change has been made in this series. Which has surpassed all historical series. And we will share the details of many important things with you in today's article So you must read the article till the end. The newly released episode of the Barbaroslar Series has strengthened its grip on the hearts of all. 

This style of a team of the Kuruluş Osman series was very much liked by the fans. For the first time in the series, there was such a long break. And after this break, the new story has taken everyone's interest to new heights. Fans loved the change of tribe and the emergence of new characters. 

After a gap of ten years, it has tried to show a slightly modern era. Which is commendable. The action of Osman Bey's sons was enough to win everyone's heart. But the events in this episode went so fast that by the end of it all matters were tangled. The first episode after the time gap has pointed to major historical events. We told you that both the Yarhisar and the Belçik forts and their governors would appear. 

Arius will be back And a new era will begin. All these things came true. And when it comes to the current story, Osman Bey had a great war plan. And with the help of Kosis, he was going to dust off the enemies. But again the devil Arius made things worse. And kidnapped Osman Bey's two sons. Everyone is thinking about how Osman Bey will organize his plan. 

There is no doubt that Osman Bey has become stronger and stronger with time. After the abduction of their sons, Malhun Hatun aggressively attacked the Belçik with the soldiers. But when Turgut Bey asked Osman to attack the fort. So he replied that he had gone to attend the wedding, so it would not be revealed. 

Bala Hatun had also left the tribe. Which has gone with the preparation of war. Now everyone wants to know what really happened in the Belçik fortress. Arius is the same and so is Nicola. This is how Osman Bey will go there. As if he doesn't know anything. And according to the plan, he will wreak havoc on the Belçik fortress. He will destroy their poison plan or attack. 

And there will be a great battle in the fortress. Thus, all these events are perfectly relevant to history. But will these two forts be conquered in the next episode? Osman Bey's whole plan was going well. But if he could not get his sons out on time. So it will all go awry. All the scenes in the story are pointing in that direction. 

That this is a great historical event. As a result, Osman Bey conquered both forts. Now there is a possibility that the next episode will pass like this in the completion of this incident. And in the next episode, Osman conquered without a fort. Save your sons too And bring Holofir along. 

If only Malhun Hatun had arrived before all this fuss. So there could be a problem. Enemies will know that Osman has come without a plan. But if she arrived after Osman Bey took a strong step. So she will help a lot. Now, this is just a historical event. So the governor of the Belçik fortress Justinyanus will be killed. 

Nicola will escape. Arius will not die here either. But his secret can be revealed. Osman Bey will find out who his hidden enemy has been for years. If we talk about the governor of Yarhisar So it is not possible for him to die there immediately. He may even run away. But Osman Bey grabbed him quickly and killed him. 

Osman Bey will achieve this great success. But Nicola and Arius can do a great job. And it is possible that they will take Osman Bey's sons with them on their way. If that happened then the issue would get worse And a great war will begin. Thus, this peace agreement has been broken after this incident. 

On the one hand, they invited Osman Bey to the wedding and laid a dangerous trap for him. And then the sons of Osman Bey were also abducted. Because the agreement was apparently broken by Nicola. So he will have to suffer the consequences. After these two forts, a great battle will begin for the conquest of İnegöl Fort. But this matter and the great historical event will be summed up in one to two episodes. 

We have been telling you about these historical events in detail for a long time. That Osman Bey will be invited to the wedding and a trap will be laid for him. The news of this project will be given to Osman Bey. As a result, Osman Bey will destroy all their plans and the forts will be conquered. Now, this incident has started according to the exact history. How will it end in the next episode? 

This is also very important. The abduction of Osman Bey's sons has complicated matters. If Osman Bey thwarted their plan. And if they are attacked, then Osman Bey will be threatened by his sons. There is no doubt about it. But Osman had asked some of his soldiers to enter Belçik secretly. 

He may have saved Osman Bey's sons first. And with the arrival of Malhun Hatun, the position of Osman Bey should be further strengthened. And let Malhun Hatun be part of this great victory. The action and suspense of the next episode will impress the fans once again. The Belçik and Yarhisar will be the first major historic victories of the season. For which the fans have been waiting for a long time. 

Now that the episode ended on a very curious scene. So fans are anxious for the new episode. And then in such a situation, the team of the Kuruluş Osman series adopted the same style again. And by not releasing the trailer of the new episode, the fans were thrown into a quagmire of curiosity. 

Earlier, the reason for the trailer's delay was a time gap and a big surprise for the fans. But now it doesn't look like the trailer will be released so late. On the contrary, there is a strong possibility that the trailer will be released on Saturday. In addition, the team of Kuruluş Osman has done such a feat.

Even Diriliş Ertuğrul, behind. Now everyone will be surprised that this is not possible. The Diriliş Ertuğrul series cannot be compared. But the Kuruluş Osman series did what no one else could do. Numerous historical series are currently coloring the screen. But the Barbaroslar Series came as a huge surprise to the fans. And the Kuruluş Osman series shows the month of Ramadan. 

Osman Bey broke his fast with his family in the main tent. Since the series is being offered during the month of Ramadan. So maybe it was done under his influence. But before that, the Diriliş Ertuğrul series lasted for five years. And the rest of the historical series could not include any incident about it in the Series. 

But the Kuruluş Osman series did. This demand has been made by the fans many times before. Why the month of Ramadan is not shown in Islamic history series. This objection has also been removed. You must have liked this big change in the Series. What happened in the last episode that touched your heart? Be sure to let us know in the comments box. Like and share the article. See You Soon!

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