Top 5 Most Powerful Sultans of Ottoman Empire in History

When great states were mentioned in the world of history, the Ottoman Empire listed itself as a powerful and great Islamic state. Discussions of this state spread over three continents and began to take place in the corners of the world. An Islamic state that changed the map of Europe. Over time, this empire forced the great powers to kneel before it.

In today's article, we will talk about five such powerful sultans of this great state. Who were a nightmare for the enemies? Along with expanding the Islamic empire, these brave men also made the sleep haram of their enemies. Rooted in Anatolia,

The Ottoman Empire lasted from about 1299 to 1922. and spanned three continents at its height. Considered an Islamic superpower, this empire was one of the most powerful and influential states in the world. With the sunset of the Byzantine and Seljuq empires, the Ottomans laid the foundations of a great Muslim state. Today I will tell you about five such Ottoman sultans. Who changed history?

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1. Osman Ghazi.

Osman Ghazi is the founder of this great state. Descended from the great Ertugrul Ghazi, this brave man sowed a seed that would become a shade tree for Muslims for centuries. History often lists Osman Ghazi as the first sultan due to his achievements. Osman Bey converted the lands he inherited from his father around his hometown into an empire.

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Osman Ghazi's greatest achievement was to gather Turkun under his banner after the fall of the Seljuks. To build such an empire, which one can hit these two big states? Between which the Turks were trapped. The crown of defeating the Byzantines and the Mongols at the same time is also on the head of Osman Ghazi. The Turks also knew him by his name because of his bravery.

Osman Ghazi is said to be brave, fair-tempered, tall, handsome, and a skilled horseman and swordsman. Who had all the qualities of a hero? Osman Bey's sword was a royal sword that was named in his honor. And to each new sultan at the time of his accession to the throne: This sword was entrusted with the responsibility of the state.

2. Cihan Fatih, Sultan Mehmed II.

who ascended the throne twice. Mehmed II had the talents of a born leader. His first stint as Sultan came at the age of 12, after his father, Sultan Murad II, abdicated. After two years, Sultan Murad returned. And then both sides sided in the wars. Mehmed II's second reign began in 1451, after the death of his father. In May 1453, Mehmed II made a date that nearly wiped the Byzantines off the map. and conquered Constantinople. That is why he is known as 'Mehmed Fateh'. He continued to annex the territories of the Balkans and Anatolia to the empire. until his forces reached Italy in 1480.

3. Sultan Bayezid II.

who ruled from (reigned 1481–1512). It was Sultan Mehmet's eldest son. who saw the conquest of Constantinople. This sultan was a tough but able ruler. He crushed a rebellion in Anatolia. consolidated his hold on the Crimea and advanced Ottoman rule in the Balkans and the Peloponnese. He also built numerous hospitals, bridges, schools, mosques, and roads. and was a patron of poets and scholars.

4. Sultan Suleiman I.

who was the Sultan from {1520–1566} His period is recorded as a magnificent century in Ottoman history. Suleiman the Great, the greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire, took over the throne when his father, Selim I, died in 1520. and ruled for a record 46 years until his death in 1566. Suleiman I was the tenth and longest-reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He ruled from 1520 to 1566. Suleiman is known for his military campaigns, great system, and patronage of the arts. During his reign, the Ottoman Empire was at its peak in terms of politics and culture.

5. Sultan Abdul Hamid I.

who was the Ottoman ruler from 1774 to 1789. Known as a polite and peaceful sultan, the 27th sultan was a conscientious ruler. who personally led efforts to deal with the 1782 fire in Constantinople. He was a progressive and careful politician. who tried his best to integrate and modernize the crumbling Ottoman state with his powerful actions. This sultan fought till his last breath against Russia's attempts to break the Ottoman state.

Readers, how do you feel about the achievements of these great sultans? And are you interested in knowing more about Ottoman history? Be sure to tell us in the comment box.

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