Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 162 With English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 162 With English Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to the Historic Series. They were well aware of the habits of their enemies and were expecting such an attack. And both Orhan Bey and Osman Bey were coming out of Bursa to fight the Slabite soldiers. But the thing that caught everyone's attention here was the presence of Osman Bey's companions in disguise.

That is, Osman Bey had already left his soldiers in Barsa in this condition to deal with the emergency. Torhan and Timol will have a hunger for revenge. who will jump in and help them during this fight, meaning the ambush will fail. Constantine will fall on his face in the first battle, not just the images that have been released after the trailer.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 162 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 29 May 2024

Among them, Cerkutay has also changed his clothes, He is dressed like a monk; that is, he is also on a secret mission in Bursa. Osman Bey will arrive in Bursa with full preparations. Will challenge Constantine and leave after thwarting his plans. But not only that, Constantine again surrounded Osman in a field where Osman was alone.

This will also happen upon the return of Barsa, and Constantine will not be able to succeed again. Osman Bey is alone; Orhan Bey and his other companions are nearby. But due to all these roots and problems, Holofra's style is also disturbing everyone. Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 162 With English Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 162 With English Subtitles

In such a situation, Osman Bey has also received a letter informing him about the situation in Bursa. Then who has been giving important information to Osman Bey for years? Speaking of this, the first possibility is with reference to the Holofra woman who went to Bursa for the same purpose. But if the series messed with the character to build suspense,

then this letter might come from the Kosses. But the series isn't kind enough to hint at the character in anticipation of fans' eagerness. Therefore, the final situation is that Osman Bey's companions who were present in Bursa changed If they stayed earlier or later, they are the ones sending this information. And the reason is surprising to everyone.

When Osman went to inspect Barsa, it was known that injustice had created a storm there. Even non-Muslims are crazy about Osman Bey's justice. That is why often they want to come under their shelter. It is the same with the people of Bursa. And then they are not even paying tribute to Constantine in the war against the Turks because he committed this

Kurulus Osman Episode 162 English Subtitles - Historic Series

massacre. His actions will sink him. Thus, the people will get tired of these atrocities and want to come to the shelter of a Turkish leader like Osman Bey. And then this system of Bursa would prove to be the reign of Constantine for a few days. Bolo Fara's prison condition is also attracting the attention of the fans, as he looks like a prince and talks against

Kayi. Holofra's behavior may have been simply to deceive Constantine. As far as Yakup is concerned, his breasts are also attracting attention. It seems that Yakup will be found to be unfaithful. Fans are trying to look back on history to see if he will actually die. Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 162 With English Subtitles

The viewers series may have brought him back for the same reason to end his character in the same way. Before meeting with Gunca Khatun, he was holding his heart, but this time he is a coward. The series will probably show them losing their lives. But before that, maybe they should forgive Gunca Hatun. Yaqub Bey's death happened

after Osman Bey's in history. How does the series show this incident? Fans are feeling it. But this is a very unusual interval. A few weeks, or even a few months at most, can be spent watching viewers, depending on how eager they are to watch the new episode. If you like the article, please like and share it in the comment box. See you soon!

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