Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman's compelling narrative and historical backdrop have enthralled viewers all over the world. Every episode of the show becomes a pivotal point in the characters' journeys as it goes on. English translation of Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 With Urdu Subtitles is especially significant since it sets the course of the story and leaves viewers wanting more

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 With Urdu Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to the Historic Series. The Kurulus Osman series has sparked such curiosity that the new trailer has intensified the fan frenzy. Every episode seemed so interesting that now everyone's eyes are on the upcoming episode. Which will describe the details of these events? New villains, new undercover characters, and the elimination of old faces are drawing everyone into the story. Its competitors, like Yaqub Bay, are about to disappear.

So the role of the Malhun woman, who is called the mother of the state, will not be seen anymore. But here, many questions are running through the minds of the fans regarding the death of the Malhun woman. Due to all this, an important problem is that of this new group. Which very suspiciously became part of the story. Often, the story of a new clan and its chief and family is seen in the new story. This time, Germiani came forward.

But their story has been ended incompletely, and a new story has been started. And the great thing is that now the newly joined Turkish group is also Kayi. But this issue is also confusing everyone. These new arrivals will discuss in detail what they will do against the Ottomans. At the same time, we will tell you whether the Elcim woman is going to trap Orhan Bey in an ambush by the Mongols. Orhan Bey will face Tajuddin in a very dangerous way.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu Subtitles
  • Release Date: February 07, 2024.

What a great risk Osman Bey has taken by ambushing the Byzantines! Tajuddin Noyan has arrived to attack Yenisehir. Holofira is spying for the Ottomans at Adronos. Apart from this, you must watch the video till the end to know the complete details of many other important things. And subscribe to our channel. The Kurulus Osman series has once again tried to capture the hearts of fans by re-inventing the story in a magical way.

The new character and its different styles are attracting everyone. Since then, the story has turned to the young warrior princes. Everyone is paying special attention to them. Especially the story of Osman Bey's successor and the heir of the Ottoman state raises everyone's interest. But his tangled love affair with Holoferra spoiled it all. This character came under the most criticism this season. But now efforts are being made to remove the mistakes of the series by changing this story as well.

The historical story of Orhan and Holofira is still incomplete after many years. Which is confusing the fans? And then the series started a new affair. And another heroine entered opposite Holofira. Elcim Hatun's character was revealed at the end of the last episode. But everyone wants to know the details of this suspicious character. The Elcim woman's descent from Kayi was also raising many questions. But how will this story go forward?

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Everyone's attention is on this side. We have discussed in great detail the historical role of the Elcim woman. He has also cleared up your confusion about being Gunduz's daughter. But the problem that still persists is bringing up the negative attitude of Elcim. Everyone is wondering if she is currently spying. And then the scene in the new trailer confused everyone even more. In the previous episode, Osman Bey saved the Elcim woman.

So in the new trailer, Orhan Bey goes to tie him up and hand him over to the Mongols himself. But fans are quite curious as to who is ambushing whom here. The first thing is that they have tied up the Elcim woman themselves; that is, it is a plan. In order to trap the Mongols Osman Bey wants to know the intentions of these Mongols by doing so. But had he already killed Gunduz Bey, the father of the Elcim lady, and ambushed Orhan Bey as well?

The Elcim woman has deliberately led Orhan Bey to this trap. Before that, let's be clear: this scene is quite confusing. The Elgeme woman's father may not die now. And this scene will be completely reversed. Elcim, a woman crying as her father He will not be her father. Rather, it will be a trap. But another problem is that Orhan Bay's jinn are clashing there. They are also soldiers in Kai clothes. The place looked like a Mongol stronghold.

Kurulus Osman Episode 147 Historic Series

But instead of Mongols, soldiers in khai clothes stormed Orhan Bey, so everyone is quite surprised. Now everyone is wondering if these are Elchim Hatun's soldiers. So there are only two possibilities. Either the Mongols disguised the kai as a plan Or indeed, these soldiers from the Elgeme woman's group And remember that at the end of the last episode, The people who surrounded Osman Bey and Elcim Hatun were also disguised.

Now this matter will come out openly in the next episode. There will be an ambush. She will not think about the Ottomans now because of her father. Rather, she will make decisions out of selfishness. Which may be wrong And as for Ganduz Bey, the father of the Elcim woman, Who will be Amma Haima's cousin? His character will also be well introduced. And he will not be opposed to Osman Bey. But the sister-in-law of an Elcim woman can definitely be of a negative character.

And as for this other group of mosses, In the beginning, he will look only at the Ottomans. But slowly, the story will change. And then the matter will come to Orhan Bey's marriage to the Elcim woman. Remember that this marriage will be somewhat political. But we will see very soon. This problem in Orhan Bay is on one side. Here, the Mongols have trapped them and attacked Yenisehir itself. The soldiers informed Osman Bey that Tajuddin Nuyan had reached the gates of Yenisehir. Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 With Urdu Subtitles

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Orhan Bey might not be able to face Tajuddin. In the upcoming episode of Nagar, he will definitely clash with Osman Bey. And after the death of Gorkhlu Khan, he would try to make Osman Bey the object of his wrath. But Tajuddin would not do it in Osman Bey's presence, as Gorkhlu Khan had massacred in Ottoman lands. But along with the Mongols, Osman Bey also challenged the Byzantines. So things are going to be very tense.

An ambush by the Byzantine and Mongol alliances at Osman Bay failed. So Cara Gelson was caught in the first round. And Gorglu Khan was beheaded. On the other hand, Osman Bey ambushed the Byzantines. and arrested Liu, governor of Kite About which we have already shared with you Uthman Bey did not capture and kill him and did not make a deal. Rather, it showed the Byzantines their times. and tells Olivia that the ambush has ruined their alliance.

Olivia kills Leo in front of Osman Bay to avoid Osman's wrath. But the story does not end here. Olivia also sent a message to the emperor after Orhan Bey's game. And then a Byzantine executioner is about to enter. But all this information Holofera is passing on to the Ottomans Either way, he will meet with Orhan Bey. Or she will write a letter. But somehow, she will alert them to the Byzantine threat. Holofira also had a scene in the first trailer.

He saw Orhan and the Elcim woman together and looked miserable. It is possible that he will give this news to Orhan Bey during this meeting. After Elgem, the distance between them will increase. But their connection will not be broken. Even after going to Adrenos, Osman Bay will be seen warning the Byzantines. But after the new Byzantine villain, the story will become quite interesting. The best fight will be seen. Do express your opinion about these events in the comment box. Like and share the article. See you soon!

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