Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 2 With Urdu & English Subtitles

This is Episode No 2 of Barbaros Hayreddin With Urdu & English Subtitles by Historic Series. TRT's historical drama, based on the life of "Barbaros" Hayreddin Pasha and his brothers. The series tells the adventures of Ishak, Oruc, Hizir, and Ilyas fighting high tides and the secrets of the seas in pursuit of the holy secret.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 2 With Urdu & English Subtitles

I am a daughter of the hamsburg dynasty, and her man is the Governorship of St. Milana. Even a filthy Bandit interlocutor like you can't understand? In every job, he commemorated in his own office. Since you won't eat. At least onions make my mouth stink now. Come on, pack up now, we're Santa Maria. I was right Captain barbarossa is here. obviously he wasn't alone, my superior was a cannonless Merchant ship and a Galley.

They can't stand in front of us with it, just close the bay from here. He will force him to surrender, my boss, why don't we hit the ball in two? The cover of His Holiness Barbarossa asked me to bring it safe and sound. We cannot go against our will. Isn't it Captain Yes sir. point at the beginning. What are you doing, they are closing the mouth of the sheep To the order of war. elements Let's start the operation Captain Major Ali fonso waits at the mouth of the bay with his ship.

Our second ship with me will approach in the beginning until the distance is 50 cents. As soon as Barbaros receives the tea, we fire our cannons and send them all to Hell. we will send it to the bottom my bag Is there something said about Barbarossa? You're too clumsy to shoot an elephant, not me. You'll die without your last prayer Come low, I didn't shoot you. Don't be afraid, Miray, I hope you don't die, go away. tell their husbands i won't come down as long as their

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 2 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 30 December 2022

religion attacks islam. I will destroy as many castles as he has, and sink as many ships as he has. Rebel brother's poor. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, we will defeat the enemy and defeat the enemy. But Vela that our martyrs are many, at first they left it to me and went to Algeria. set off, I will stay here with the levents and bury our martyrs. It's a shame to leave you alone, the Spaniards can't come back. There is a lot of interlocutor on the infidel side,

daughter of existence, what should we do? We are not in the mood to cry and throw him into the sea because they couldn't take him. Let him come with you. let's go before it gets too well, peace. bathroom king Before I could even protect the royal banner, Sir If you wanted me to kill barbarossa, believe me, I could do it easily, but when you asked me to bring it safely mean that's me watch out Admiral I am god's representative on earth.

my name has slandered the god who slandered me. I will be get this no His Holiness the Noble Pope. May I ask what we will do to save my daughter valeria? Aside from the sultan of the Turks, I've been losing sleep ever since. we call Barbarossa as if his book wasn't enough Tell Adıyaman we have to deal with it, if the Mediterranean gets out of our hands, that's the point. It won't keep us awake So find a cure. You gotta get over this guy ASAP.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles Historic Series

Only a man like him can defeat the barbarossa bandit who has made the sea his home. Is there such a servant of Jesus. yes sir Admiral Andrea. what is this state of the mushroom commander red mullet. Admiral right? that I should have died by now, right? France discount weapons. Did you send this vile commander of yours to have me killed At the head of the French navy Now you. I don't want to see it but there I would like to see around me full infantry men.

But you don't listen to your king You're not my king. I'm not your man, do you understand that we didn't honor the deal we made? Just like you didn't send me, you want to kill me, is that so arbest his job is to arrest you. it was to confiscate their galleons, not kill them. Even though I know you're lying If my girlfriend swears she's telling the truth. I believe him, but you're not your girlfriend, are you? To keep me from leaving you and dealing with the switch.

he set a treacherous ambush on me now you want to see his fate. look all the way. why not andredorya first of all he is money. he is an eye, sir, and now the king of france is the king of france. At your service. Then we will persuade him. Of course it will cost you a little. but to be holy roman emperor, that's not too much. not too much. of course sir nice. I'm leaving tonight to return to Rome I hope next time we meet. The boatman happens to hang on you.

Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles Historic Series

You couldn't keep your mouth shut, right? I saved you from being busy in front of the Pope. you get mad at me, do you know how much it will cost me trainer. he is a mercenary Whoever gives the most will fight for him my gold mine. Do you think there is, huh, wasn't he with me when I gave Apo 200 thousand Lukas? What do I have, what do I have, I spend it to fight the Turks. How do you think France gave Dora so much money? borrow money from a venetian banker

who is a woman not a man. he trades diamonds and rubies with his merchants. Currently the richest woman in Venice. I want to see you in person, we just have a little problem. what is it, we killed the woman's husband. he was one of the maranos we drove out of ibiza. I don't think the woman was very sympathetic to us. but there is a way to myself. I can introduce myself as the cousin of the governor's daughter whom Barbarossa kidnapped and ask for a loan.

That's also right, now give me a good reason, stop Hayrettin Bey, stop, I'm Sultan. I am Suleiman's squire, my name is Mustafa, I was going to Algeria to find you. I came across Aydın and Salih chiefs, I've been here and learned from them. They don't say again, you're lying when I tell you that I brought our sultan's calligraphy. If you don't believe, take it, look, it's the sultan's. This is the edict. Arabic kaidi Gazi Hayrettin chief with punishment.

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let him come to my milky bliss in a hurry and see me while he takes his target. Because there is an important thing I need kulunç Ak Teala you Mansur on the enemies and may he be victorious Suleyman Shah bin selimshah.the guards of our sultan that our sultan is here, His Excellency the Sultan. Avni urged you to speak secretly from everyone. don't speak. you don't start. Barbaros Hayrettin Bey, you are welcome. Welcome Sultan. You're as brave as they say,

how are you doing? alhamdulillah. I would like to give you the Spanish Royal banner with which we captured our last gas. Because of the approaching winter from the gates of Vienna. It was my influence to have to come back. Hayrettin Reis. This Banner was very much appreciated in this world and in the hereafter. I hope your face is white. If I could please your heart even a little bit, I'm happy. That's why I brought you here because you're wondering about you, right?

You Don't Lie According to the news we have received, the Spanish King Sharken will soon become the Roman German Emperor. It would be his and his pope's intention to expel the Turks from Europe and ultimately. Islam is full of My intention is to conquer Rome with Allah's permission and to carry the banner of Islam. to pierce their heart It is clear now that this war will take place between the Hapsburg dynasty and the Ottoman Empire.

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so that we can make a blessed Conquest, both by land and by sea, we need to besiege here you and the Akıncı chiefs will be the key to the job, how do you approve because You are the master of these waters, Hayrettin took gas and conquest in the seas. When the time comes for the war veteran, accompanied by the hand you captain-i Pargalı thinks like me, but the viziers in the divan I must make them show their favor on you, my Sultan Being your ocean

through the door is the greatest honor for me. But do not force yourself for this Piraziz topic. you leave it to me I will assign you to a more important job for now. Is he ready too Ready Sultan I've never heard our name before you said you came from there Yes Miss Luna Rest in peace my husband realo foil poured out when he died I had to take over the business I usually know the strange balloon nobles Excuse me the cats are a little sick

I'm someone who doesn't like being in public Miss Luna most of the time I don't even attend the invitations Anyway, the money you want from me is quite a high amount. If you don't mind, can I ask why you're going to use it, of course you don't mind, your cousin's maleria is with the Genoese ship. viewers! if you like Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 2 With Urdu & English Subtitles please share it with friends. this Episode 2 of Barbaros Hayreddin English Urdu Subtitles also availbe Netflix, ATV, Youtube, makkitv, directplay, kayifamily, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul.

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