Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 In Urdu & English Subtitles

This is Episode No 42 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu In Urdu & English Subtitles by Historic Series. The TRT production is a prequel story of Awakening: the Great Seljuk. It depicts the life and triumphs of Sultan Alparslan, the second sultan of the Seljuk dynasty, whose victories expanded the empire in the 11th century.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Historic Series. Is Gazan Khan now going to prove to be a formidable enemy of Osman Bey? Will Nayman not have any war with Osman Bey? Or else he will bring such destruction to the Turks that no one will be able to escape. Will all these problems be solved by Sultan Mesud sitting on the throne? Has Osman Bey's historical companion Hasan Alp made a surprise entry in the series? What historical period is the series currently in?

And what major historical battles are waiting for us? Is the series haphazardly unfolding the events of the war? Why is the newly arrived commander being matched with a new one? What will be the achievement of Osman Bey that will attract other Turkish leaders to him? Is the series ignoring battles with the Byzantines and important historical events? When will we get to see historical characters like Samsa Cavus and Akcakoca on screen?

Many more important information will be shared with you in today's video. So read the article till the end and subscribe to our Newsletter. Kurulus Osman series has reached its fourth season setting the milestones of success. And the fans are also waiting for the Ottoman State, hoping for the fourth season. That now this new state will be announced. On which everyone has fixed their eyes. But then the story took a sudden turn.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 17 January 2023

And instead of alternating attacks, all the enemies came forward at the same time. While in such a situation Osman Bey was restricted to the tribe only. By doing this, attention is not being diverted from the creation of a new state. Rather, the real struggle of the state is being described. How a small clan chief faced such great powers. And succeeded in sowing the seed of an eternal state. We have seen how two major states are currently trying to crush Osman Bey in the

middle. And then Osman attracted the attention of the Mongols and alerted everyone. Those great Turkish chiefs who were beating the horns of their superiority. They fell to the ground in one fell swoop. Hearing of the Mongol commander's advance with his army, they turned away from the battle. While Osman Beyi appeared steadfast in these situations. How will Osman be able to face a large army of 40,000? Before talking about this, let's clear a confusion of

fans. Gazan Khan has been mentioned many times in the series. And everyone will know this very well. That Gazan Khan was a Muslim. Even earlier, fans have seen Barke Khan as a Muslim ruler in the Dirilis Ertugrul series. This time Gazan Khan's character is being mentioned. And since the Al-Khani state was suppressing the Seljuks. And again and again Osman Bey also had to face the Mongol commanders. So fans are a bit confused. What was Gazan Khan's

Alparslan Episode 42 Historic Series

character like? Some even questioned why he was attacking the Turks despite being a Muslim. Did he not care about the Muslim brothers? History has seen many such wars. Where two Muslim forces clashed. Nothing was seen in the face of power and authority. Gazan Khan's biggest campaign was against the Mamluks. Against whom he had also established the Franco-Mongol alliance. At that time, some Mamluk saints also raised this objection. That if Gazan Khan

calls himself a Muslim. So why is it attacking their lands? While his ancestors were not Muslims. They didn't do that either. It is not appropriate to share more details about Gazan Khan here. If you want to know interesting historical facts about Gazan Khan. So go to the link in the description. We have already made a detailed video on Gazan Khan's life. Back to the story of the series. So Gazan Khan's strong commander Namyan is advancing with a large army.

Which has also reached Konya. And hearing of his arrival, there has been a commotion everywhere. The chieftains who boasted of their bravery and strength in the previous episode are now taking a step back. We have shared all the details about this with you in the previous video. Who will become an ally of Osman Bey and who will retreat? If Namyan is mentioned, the series is giving such an impression. Like a big and dangerous villain is about to emerge.

Alparslan Episode 42 in English Subtitles

So far in Mongolian history, fans have never seen a bigger villain than Arekboga and Noyan in this series. And many are predicting that the new commander will be as dangerous as Noyan. There is no doubt that the series needs a bigger and more dangerous villain at this point. But the mere name of Namyan is similar to Noyan. Therefore, it cannot be said that he will be like Noyan. Yes, but it must be dangerou. And if it is talked about whether he will be Noyan's son like

Togay. Even so, the probability is low. But such surprises can be expected from the series. Now coming to the subject of what destruction Nayman will bring with him. So, first of all, this great war has fallen into doubt. That forty thousand army will collide with the Turks. This is a big question. And the odds that Commander Nayman will stop are slim. If Nayman comes to Konya, the situation there will definitely be affected. And the decision of the Seljuk throne will also

take place. Which will soon be handed over to Sultan Mesud. And the Mongol Sultan will imprison Alauddin and send him to Gazan Khan. And then Sultan Masood will support Osman Bey when he ascends the throne. But since at that time Sultan Masoud is with Osman Bey. So the Mongols would refrain from attacking Osman Bey. Instead of Sultan Masoud, they may have to make an agreement with Osman Bey. In fact, fans are confused as to whether major

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historical battles. with the Byzantines are recorded in this historical period. But they are not mentioned in the series. On the contrary, the Mongol army is advancing. And Osman Bey is seen forming an alliance to compete with them. Also comes to historical period of the series and historical wars. But first let's talk about Osman Bey's historical companions. Samsa Cavus, Akcakoca, Hasan Alp and Abdul Rahman Ghazi are those names. Whom Madh is looking

forward to seeing. Fans have been waiting for all these historical soldiers since the first season of the series. And the two characters seen in the beginning, Samsa Cavus and Abdul Rahman Ghazi, have also been eliminated. Now Akcakoca and Hasan Alp were those two names. Which was eagerly awaited in this season. The series is not used to playing with the emotions of the fans. He made everyone nervous by showing the character of a cowherd.

And again maybe the same game is being played. In the previous episode, Osman Bey suddenly introduced two soldiers to Ismihan Sultan. And the fans were stunned to hear the name of Hassan Alp. Abdul Rahman Agha's son Hasan Alp was brought forward in series. Fans seem to be questioning if this is the historical character. What was being awaited. It remains to be seen what the series decides about this going forward. But at the moment it does not seem at all

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that historical character is Hasan Alp. Because this character has not been highlighted. By merely mentioning the character, Kurulus Osman's team might be gauging fan interest. A similar style was adopted for the character of Akca. Historically, the series desperately needs these characters. This is being thought about Samsa Cavus and Abdul Rahman Ghazi. That the series will have to bring them back in a new form according to the historical period.

Do share what you think about it. Fans have asked many questions about the historical battles and the current historical period of the series. Now it is becoming difficult to guess which historical period the series is going through. Last season ended with victory for Yenisehir. And this victory took place in 1301. Since then, the historic victory in the series has not appeared in sequence. The Battle of Bephous was fought in 1302.

when the Byzantine army marched on after the conquest of Yenisehir. Which is not mentioned in the series. And suddenly the conquest of 1303 came in the form of Marmarcik. Which surprised the fans. Meanwhile, Sultan Masoud returned to the Seljuk throne in 1303. This event is also coming up. Because the battle for the Seljuk throne is at its peak in the series. But fans are wondering this. Why wars like Bephous and Dembos are not coming up.

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Which historically should have come before these conquests. The series has also made Osman Bey's next target clear. But neither did the battle of Kohanisar in 1302. Nor did the greatest event of the declaration of statehood come to light. And the series is currently insisting on showing the rise of the Mongols instead of focusing on historical Byzantine battles. An attempt is made to maintain the balance of the story by mentioning the victory of Koparohisaar.

If Kuprohisar wins in this upheaval, that will be a great event. which will persuade other chieftains to unite with Osman Bey. What episode are you looking forward to in the series? Be sure to tell in the comments. Like and share the article. See You Soon! viewers! if you like Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 In Urdu & English Subtitles. please share it with friends. this Episode 42 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu English Urdu Subtitles also availbe Netflix, makkitv, kayifamily.

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