Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 41 In Urdu & English Subtitles

This is Episode No 41 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu In Urdu & English Subtitles by Historic Series. The TRT production is a prequel story of Awakening: the Great Seljuk. It depicts the life and triumphs of Sultan Alparslan, the second sultan of the Seljuk dynasty, whose victories expanded the empire in the 11th century.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 41 In Urdu & English Subtitles

However, because he was my uncle, they had made this painting for me, it was just me. but there is something i don't understand why did you help me my uncle knows my friend anyway Were you your uncle Leonardo Sultan Beyazıt Hanım? He sent a letter and wrote that he wanted to work under his command. our sultan sent me to florence to meet him For this reason, your uncle's encouragement to you at a time like this.

both to our nephew Is it a lot Lisa entrusted to Allah While Aydın is talking to Luna, you go to the tavern that the gunsmith was talking about. We could find Ciguli Azad Osman there, I said astonished. This country is so strange. a stink man's channels are full of sewage. Are you listening to me? Where is the money I gave you to buy a ship? By the name I hate you you don't marvel. If you hated it wouldn't have called me here At least keep pretending you love it.

Because who is the only person who doesn't friend you for money. Can I believe it was 70.000? You wrote to refrain from sinking, but in the absence of a countess or something. someone tricked you. It will be a great pleasure for me and my queen to see you in my palace, Admiral. I'm not so majestic for me, I hope a conflict with St. Pope. you may have arrived, i have news of food a mercenary like me. He should follow politics closely as he knows how to fight.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 41 Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 10 January 2023

isn't it, sir, or is it ultimately on the wrong side and into history? I don't want to pass as a lost man, we want you to be on the winning side. Admiral King of France with France We heard that you have some problems, they don't trust their ideas about the navy. They didn't even keep their promises about money. before 70 thousand at your command, Admiral, my love often tells me the truth. shows majesty I don't think I'm wrong about you either.

What is it that you believe so much? intuition is your new holy roman emperor you will be Yes my queen but I have a condition What condition. I want your painter bronzino. he will make me Neptune the god of the sea. this woman has never dared to do such a thing. I don't know if he doesn't know what he's doing to those who don't pay their debts. But Olivi is in a good mood. someone who knows is a scammer you'll understand is a Spaniard. How did I not see this.

The woman has a coat of arms on the Spanish court. don't be a queen why would the queen be on top-up frequency to borrow money from you because. i hate them all they are my husband's. that i don't mind any spanish. When they knew they cheated me and took my money. Of course good then listen to me well thanks to all the merchants who depend on you. I know you know what's going on in the Frankish counties if you let me use your network.

Alparslan Episode 41 Historic Series

we'll both get hurt from this. Then I have something to tell you too. I will treat you better if you give me the names of Hacı Aslan. We haven't been able to get a single word from your mouth for days. We're wasting time. I hurt the idiot's face Hope said to find us. he won't be able to hold out as long as this, aside from that, I don't want to go empty-handed with King Şakir. I will find the word. will you have a drink, señor? Why do you always come and ask me the same thing?

Of course then you don't go to me. so now water doesn't count as drinks here. but i get the drink money. agreed to work with us. Believe me, the knights of Rhodes kidnapped gigolazade. My guess is they are looking for the notebook where the spies he gathered are looking for, but there is something they don't know. We have the notebook, I will ask you a question. How does he know all this? I didn't ask him for help, he has people everywhere.

Do you think he said his knights were venetian. they may have taken it there now we will wear these and go there. And these are their temporary clothes. We will be monks. Repent, O Lord. billahi frogs. it doesn't sit very well come on come on get hold of it no. Me, I saw you with my eyes yesterday, even if I'm dead, I'm left So our new stove is beautiful. ya Hadise is there My daughter is sitting there come Religion? Is it bad? I'm Galata Harbor Welcome me to welcome you.

Alparslan Episode 41 in English Subtitles

You came, you brought joy, God bless our sultan, the nation of Muhammad. May it be good for the Med that I have done for us, I hope it will be good for us, Amen Sir Amin. Oh, they're going to carry your stuff on the ship. Here, I show you the house and your barn. Here you go sir We need to find houses that call Osman Bey stop kidding let's follow. I've never seen you on my previous list judging by your clothes. you must be from the cult you sewed me up.

Yes dear father We were traveling to go to the church of St. Angus. Father Yes we sailed from Marseille our ship. He stopped to get supplies. We came here to pray for us. The saint never got his name. I didn't hear Where is this high school. Your way is very long So our door is always open to the servants of Jesus. Let's do our nature together. Is it Saint Angus? you're going. I start the prayer You continue from where I left off. our father in burdens, hallowed be thy name

sin. What we have done knowingly or unknowingly. forgive sins tonight protect us from evil spirits and gave a comfortable sleep. The name Kahhar cursed all the unbelievers who denied that you were born and were not born by calling you a father, with your majesty and gave you. May our Christian brothers and sisters, who sincerely believe in their unity, bring martyrdom and repent in their last breath. meat supreme. What are you doing

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This is the house of god. You should have thought before opening the Rhodes knights of the church. they brought a Turk here, where is it in the cellar next to this monastery. Look you're in church if you're lying you'll be hit. Our men in the port caught the fugitive and sang their names 5 traitors. sang one by one, now they're packing them all up and taking them to the song. We don't have to deal with this scumbag, I'll tear it apart. I'm going to kill your part of

our church. Of course I'm going first you. It would be nice if you didn't say bear Aydin. you made the animal angry. I'm not like the Spanish soldiers I drove you crazy with these two hits. sent me Barbaros Hayrettin Bu too Chief don't run away, don't fret, we'll carry you. you changed the notebook with the names of the men captives. It doesn't matter, Mr. Hayrettin, they caught and made the muhteda who helped me talk and they are taking them to May 5th.

was my melodica. may be news now we're going to capitalize embed. it's not over. open this big one, let me see what. Did you bring your bed from Algeria to your daughter, did you bring here the huge capital city, was there not a mattress for you? I would like, otherwise the devil will enter the dream, but what is yours? What is written there, how did I perish. He sent us food God bless you God bless you I swear by my love. I hope it was a meal .

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Don't call it the governor's girl, she has a name valeria. I haven't seen him since I came home, I haven't seen him either, Muazzez el. was in his room. take it easy Thank you never from here. A Frank victim girl passed, are you saying the one who went on the record? you're being stupid spirituality stay that. inspiration What are you doing my bab. but this is the best for me. are you okay? what do you deserve see it? Is it so big you're my life Like it's mine.

I mean, my uncle is on leave, I mean the life of someone under my responsibility. If he finds out that you killed him, he won't cause an accident or something, look at me, please, let me act like this again. I can't But what is it like to write a letter to your father? I can get the letter to him if you tell him his watch is on point so he shouldn't worry about you. viewers! if you like Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 41 In Urdu & English Subtitles. please share it with friends. this Episode 41 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu English Urdu Subtitles also availbe Netflix, makkitv, directplay, kayifamily.

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