Why Women ALWAYS Return to High Value Men

Why Women ALWAYS Return to High Value Men

do you want to know the real reason why high value men are so successful with women. do you want to know why women always return to them even if they have better options. it's not because they're better looking or have more money it's. actually because they know how to make women feel deep respect and attraction in order to become a high value man. that women love and respect you need to understand what high value means and how you can start using it to your advantage. once you understand how to become a high value man women will be drawn to you like a magnet. you'll be able to have your choice of women and never have to worry about being ignored or rejected again. so make sure to pay attention to all the information given in this article. if you are new here this Website is all about teaching you how to become the best version of yourself and how to attract the women and you really want in your life. let's start

1# They're Not Afraid of Losing Her

this is a big one a lot of men are so afraid of losing a woman that they end up pushing her away. they try to control her and make her into something that she's not. the best way to keep a woman is to show that she might lose you this might sound counter-intuitive but it works. women are attracted to men who are a challenge. they want a man who is not going to just roll over and do whatever she wants. they want a man who is going to make them work for his attention and affection. if you're always available and always ready to do whatever she wants she's going to get bored. but if you're a little bit more elusive she's going to be drawn to you like a muff to a flame. so there you have it these are the hidden reasons why women always return to high value men. if you can start using these tips to your advantage.

2# They Take the Lead and Make Things Happen

this is something that a lot of men don't understand it's more about biology and how women are wired women want a man who is confident and takes the lead. they want a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. this doesn't mean that you have to be bossy or controlling. it just means that you need to be assertive and take charge when the situation calls for it. women are attracted to men who can take charge and make things happen. they want a man who is not afraid of a little bit of risk.

3# They Truly Listen When She Talks

there's a big difference between hearing and listening when you hear someone you were just passively taking in the words that they are saying but when you listen you are actively trying to understand what they are saying and why they are saying it. women want to be heard they want to be understood and the best way to show them that you understand is to listen when they talk. make sure that you are really paying attention to what she is saying. don't just wait for your turn to speak listen with your ears and your heart. women will be drawn to you because they feel like you truly understand them.

4# They Have a Sense of Adventure and Desire

one of the most attractive things about a man is his sense of adventure and desire. women are attracted to men who are passionate about something in their life. they want a man who is excited about something and is always looking for new experiences. when a woman sees a man who is living life to the fullest she can't help but be attracted to him it makes her feel alive and excited just being around him. one of the best ways to show a woman your sense of adventure and desire is to take her on dates that are out of the ordinary don't just take her to dinner and a movie take her on an adventure. that she will never forget show her that your amount of action and she will be drawn to you like a magnet

5# They are Confident and Secure in Who They are

imagine this scenario you're at a party and you see a beautiful woman across the room you want to go talk to her but you're not sure if you should. what do you do if you're a high value man you will walk up to her with confidence and start a conversation. you know that you are a catch and you're not afraid to show it. on the other hand if you're a low value man you will probably chicken out and not talk to her. you might even convince yourself that she's not interested in you. women are attracted to men who are confident and secure in themselves. they want a man who knows his worth and is not afraid to show it the fear of being rejected is what holds. many men back from approaching women but the truth is you will never know unless. you try and even if she does reject you who cares there is plenty of other fish in the sea.

6# They Make Her Feel Good About Herself

what does it mean to make someone feel good about themselves it means that you make them feel appreciated valued and respected. it means that you see them for who they are and you appreciate them. a high value man knows how to make a woman feel good about herself. he compliments her on her looks her intelligence and her achievements. he makes her feel appreciated and valued. this is something that women deeply crave they want to be seen and appreciated for who they are. the key is to not overdo it compliments should be genuine and specific for example you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is not as effective as I love your smile. make it sound like you really mean it and she will feel it.

7# They are Honest and don't Play Mind Games

if you are looking for a long-term relationship with a high quality woman you need to be an honest man. women are attracted to men who are straightforward and don't play mind games. they can see through the BS and they want nothing to do with it. a high value man is also a reliable man. he is someone who can be counted on to keep his word he is not a flake or a player. he is someone who is looking for a real connection with a woman. if you want to attract a high quality woman you need to be an honest and reliable man stand up for what you believe in and be true to your word.

8# They don't Treat Her Like a Queen

this sounds counter-intuitive but it's actually true winning do not want to be treated like royalty they want to be respected as an equal. a high value man knows that a woman is not a fragile flower that needs to be protected from the big bad world. he knows that she is strong and capable of taking care of herself. he treats her with respect and as an equal partner in the relationship. this is something that women deeply crave that want to be seen as strong and capable not as a Damsel in Distress. this doesn't mean that you should treat her badly it just means that you should not put her on a pedestal and worship the ground she walks on.

9# They are Not Desperate for Her Attention

let's do a quick mental exercise imagine two guys one of them is texting a girl constantly asking her what she's doing and when she's going to see him again. the other guy is busy with his own life and doesn't contact her as much which one of these guys do you think is more likely to get the girl's attention. the answer is obvious the guy who is not desperate for her attention. women are attracted to men who are confident and secure in themselves. they have turned off by guys who seem needy and clingy. a high value man knows that he is worthy of a woman's attention and he doesn't have to beg for it. he also knows that if a woman is not interested he can find someone who is.

10# They Know How To Make Her Laugh

a high value man knows how to make a warning laugh he understands that humor is one of the key components of a healthy relationship laughter releases endorphins which have mood boosting effects. it also helps to reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being a sense of humor is also attractive to women because it shows that a man is confident and self-assured. he is comfortable in his own skin and does not take himself too seriously. a high value man knows that laughter is the best medicine and he uses it to his advantage in relationships.

you will be amazed at how quickly your dating life will improve and before ending this article. here are three important things to keep in mind first if you don't have all the mentioned qualities don't worry just focus on developing the ones that you think will have the biggest impact on your dating life. second it takes time to develop these qualities it's not something that you can do overnight. so be patient and keep working at it and third don't try to change who you are to attract women just be the best version of yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

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