Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie With Urdu & English Subtitles

The story of the war, which is the beginning of the history of Turks in Anatolia.

Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie With Urdu & English Subtitles

The story of Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie With Urdu & English Subtitles. Has Targut Bey turned away from Osman Bey? The betrayal that was going to be Bayindir Bey, will this Turgut Bey undone now? Why has the disagreement between Osman Bey and Turgut Bey increased to the extent. that he is talking about beheading Targut Bey? Why was Konur Alp absent in the last episode? Will Osman's plan to besiege Koparohisaar not be successful?

Will Targut Bey work together with Ismihan Saltan? Will Osman Bey and Turgut Bey's enmity create untold confusion in the story? Will the Seljuk state succeed in suppressing Osman Bey for the time being? Turgut Bey will not be a part of Kuprohisar's battle? Will the case of Mangonels bring Osman Bey and Turgut Bey to the battlefield?

Must Osman Bey declare his own state before the end of the Seljuk state? Will Ismihan Sultan appoint Turgut Bey as the chief of these lands instead of Osman Bey? Apart from this, many more important information will be shared with you in today's video. So watch the video till the end. And subscribe our channel. The new episode of Kurulus Osman series proved it. Must Osman Bey declare his own state before the end of the Seljuk state?

Will Ismihan Sultan appoint Turgut Bey as the chief of these lands instead of Osman Bey?that the series is returning to its old glory days. The fanciful stories and absurd events left the fans quite confused. The constant tampering with history was surprising to everyone. But the story succeeds where fans get emotionally attached to the series.

Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie Release Date

  • Language: Turkish With Urdu Subtitles
  • Release Date: 2022

We have told you before that in such a big series, there are quite a few historical highs and lows. But a strong story can control the fans in every way. In the previous episode we saw a lot of action, humor and suspense. But no one can compete with the conversation between Sen Osman Bey and Sheikh Edabali.

Osman Bey's emotion in front of the throne, tears of fear and embrace of Sheikh Edabali was an admirable scene. It was in this incident that we understood how states are formed. Only conquests cannot establish an empire. The ruler has to win the war not only against his enemies but also against himself. As Osman Bey progresses, he has to undergo difficult tests. And we see that he could not control his emotions in front of Sheikh Edabali.

The fear of falling into the temptation of power and power, the fear of being away from one's own because of this lust is burning the heart of Osman Bey. And unfortunately that's what happened. Osman Bey's fear proved true. And the power struggle broke out. In which only those closest to him started turning away. And perhaps no one would have imagined that they would see Turgut Bey against Osman Bey. Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie With Urdu & English Subtitles

His valiant companions who bowed their heads at Osman Bey's signal started to retreat. So along with Osman Bey, the fans will also be sad. At this time, instead of all other issues and wars, the eyes of the fans are on Osman Bey and Turgut Bey. As the matter progressed, everyone remembered that era When Turgut Bey was entered.

Malazgirt 1071 Movie Cast

  • Directors: Özgür BakarBilal Kalyoncu
  • Writers: Özgür Bakar - Alper Kivilcim
  • Stars: Vildan Atasever - Cengiz Coskun - Luk Piyes

Then he was in disagreement with Osman Bey. He called himself the independent Turkish chief. And sometimes he used to challenge Osman Bey. But then he appeared shoulder to shoulder with Osman Bey. Now everyone's heart is racing wondering what will be Turgut Bey's next move. Turgut Bey is not a new character that we don't know about. He is not a person to fall in love with the throne. Yet the escalation of the matter was surprising.

We told you earlier that Marmara Fort can be given to Turgut Bey or Oktem Bey only. Whether the fortification of Targut Bey was a test or planning is anyone's question. After the union of Osman Bey and Turgut Bey, there have been such scenes till today. Where Turgut Bey took any action against Osman Bey, it was part of the plan. A colleague who had been dying at Osman Bey suddenly turned against him because of a fort.

And things have reached the point that Osman Bey is talking about beheading him. This is not digestible. It would have been understandable if Turgut Bey had expressed a little displeasure. Now he does not consider Inegol fort under the dominion of Osman Bey. Going against his order. Not giving him the Mangonels.

Not even participating in the war. It's all getting too much And above all was surprised by Ismihan Sultan's contact with him. This is how the impression is being given. That as Turgut Bey would separate from Osman Bey and support the Seljuks. who are allied with the Byzantines. That is, Turgut will be seen in an unopposed array.

Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie With Urdu Subtitles

Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie With English Subtitles

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