Destan Episode 26 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 26 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 26 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles. Will Ali Bey's son Mustafa be killed? Who among Barkin and Osman Bey will die at the hands of Ali Bey? How did the Seljuk minister know about the accusation against Turgut Bey? Who sent the news of these cases in Konya? Will Osman Bey catch this spy? 

Will Osman Bey also oppose Barkin in the jirga? Which Byzantines and black-spotted soldiers have attacked Osman Bey? Will Turgut Bey be able to escape the effect of non-poison? How much longer will this matter confuse Osman Bey? Who has Osman Bey imprisoned? Will Turgat Bey be decided in Konya and the Minister will take it with him. 

In addition, we will share a lot of important information with you in today's article. Destan Series Second explosive trailer will surprise fans by releasing it again mistime. The Destan Series team has maintained the tradition of playing catch-up with the fans. Fans get tired of waiting and the trailer doesn't release. 

Then the Destan Series team releases a new trailer to surprise the fans of their own free will. Which is full of many surprises and amazing events. Fans get a lot of attention by releasing trailers full of mysterious scenes. But still, Destan Series team is not used to playing games with his fans. 

Destan Episode 26 Historic Series

They delay the release of the trailer to see the end of their interest. And the trailer comes at a time when no one is expecting it. But now the story continues that everyone is worried about whether there is enough time left at the end of the season. There is no indication as to when this wonderful season will end. 

Viewers We told you before Inegol's victory that this season could end with the completion of the century of Destan Series Episodes. And now the series is very close to that possibility. Because at the moment no major focus is being placed on victory. It doesn't look like the season will end in a victory anywhere. 

On the contrary, it is possible that all the Turkish tribes will gather under the banner of Osman Bey. And the traitors and a few small enemies will be brought to their end by Osman Bey. The end of the season can be seen by beheading a traitor like Barkin or an enemy like Cebe and Romanos. 

And there is a strong possibility that this season will end in three to four episodes. The last Season ended on June 24. And this season is likely to end on June 22 after completing 100 episodes. When it comes to the great story of the Series, the hot topic at the moment is Ali Bey and Osman Bey. 

Destan Episode 26 Makki Tv

Both are strong Turkish leaders. And met as supporters of each other. But because of the tricks of the enemy, they have come face to face. That is, the Turkish brothers are seen colliding with each other. And all of this is the result of Barkin's vile actions. Well, we told you that the fire between these two rivals would be extinguished. And it turned out to be true. When the new trailer came along. Destan Episode 26 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

We also said that all this will happen through Mustafa. Now the story is clear. Osman Bey grabbed Mustafa and slapped him four times because he forgot to lie and trapped Turgut. They even tell us how Osman Bey came to be. Turgut Bey had a poisoned arrow so he could not forget in time what the truth was. 

That's why Ali got angry and left. But soon Turgut will be given an antidote of poison. And when they come to their senses, they will tell Osman Bey the whole truth. That is, Turgut will not be seen in bed for long. We saw in the trailer that while Osman Bey has caught Mustafa, Turgut Bey is also standing behind. 

That is, they have told Osman Bey the whole truth. And all the incidents that happened between Ahmed and him in the inn. After that, first of all, Osman Bey has gone Mustafa's intellect to correct. Which is still going crazy. But Barkin's words have cast doubt on everyone. 

Destan Episode 26 Kayifamily

Everybody knows very well that Osman cannot kill Mustafa and push the Turks into a bloody war. Most likely, Mustafa is not dead. But instead of Osman Bey, we saw Bakrin aiming his arrow at Mustafa. Things are going to get tense again. It is possible that Osman did not attack Mustafa. 

Even Barkin will spread mischief this time. Or he will shoot Mustafa in the presence of Osman Bey and escape. Or if Osman leaves Mustafa there, he will attack him after he leaves. And then Ali Bey himself will tell the news that Osman Bey's son has tried to kill him. Most likely, Mustafa will not die yet, but Barkin will kill him on his own. But he will be injured. If he dies, things will get worse and harder to control. 

Where Ali Bey is praying for someone's grave, it is obvious that he is a Mustafa grave. But the graves of Ahmed and the other soldiers who were killed in the last episode will be their graves. On the other hand, Osman Bey is coming to understand that someone is playing all the games secretly. 

Gradually the signs towards Barkin will become clearer. That is why the arrival of Seljuk Wazir and the handing over of Turgut Bey to him was surprising. How he got the news of the whole affair while sitting in Konya. Certainly, there was someone who wanted the Seljuk Empire to intervene. 

Destan Episode 26 Direct Play

Apart from Barkin, who can do this. That's what sets this game up. We all know very well that Osman Bey will not hand him over to Turgat Bey. Rather, they will judge the matter themselves. And we will find the real culprit. But people like the Seljuk minister and Barkin will be obstacles to justice. But everyone knows how steadfast Osman is. He will not even hand over his colleague Turgut Bey. Destan Episode 26 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Nor will we allow injustice to happen to anyone. Now they immediately understand that whoever did this just wanted to turn Ali Bey against them. And it happened. Now Osman Bey will start looking for the person who is behind it all. And while searching for it, they will encounter Barkin. 

Now Barkin has done something during the jirga which has made Osman Bey suspicious of him. Now we will also talk about what has happened in this jirga. First of all, in this jirga, we will doubt the protection system of Sardar Osman Bey. And Barkin will exacerbate the issue. 

Destan Episode 26 Historicales

The manner in which he is leaving the jirga in the trailer shows that he is trying to turn the other chiefs against Osman Bey. There was another amazing scene in which Osman was talking to someone in prison. Everyone is wondering who could be the last in prison. Viewer, This is Trailer's most intriguing scene. 

There are two cases. Either Osman Bey himself has imprisoned Turgat Bey. So that they could escape the enemy's attack and the Seljuks could not take it. Or the only person who belongs to Mustafa and Ali Bey is in prison. Through this Osman Bey finds out that someone wanted to bring Ali Bey and Osman Bey face to face by playing this weird game. In the trailer itself, Osman was seen fighting with some masked men and Byzantines. All of a sudden, where did this Banyzantine come from? 

Let me tell you, the help that Romanos asked for may have arrived. And he is the one who carried out this attack. But it also seems that romance will come to an end first. Viewers, Be sure to let us know in the comment box how much are eager to know the details of these wonderful events of the Destan Series. 

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