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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Analysis

Welcome to Historic Series. Will the fourth season of the Kurulus Osman series be the last season? Will Orhan Ghazi's series start after that? Which big characters will give surprises in the new season? Won't Bala Hatun be part of next season? Producer Mehmet Bozdag has announced how many Seasons of Kurulus Osman Series. What will be Osman Bay's biggest victories next season? Who will be the dangerous villain of the fourth season? Which old characters are expected to return in the new season? How many children of Osman Bay will be shown in this series? In addition, we will share a lot of interesting information with you in today's article. So be Sure to Read the article to the end.

The Kurulus Osman series is gaining popularity all over the world with its brilliant series. Every passing day guarantees great success. The historical series seems to be dominating the hearts of the fans with its powerful action scenes. This Series, which tells the golden history of the Ottoman Empire, is one such masterpiece. Which has shaken the hearts of the entire Muslim Ummah. This series on the life of the great Islamic hero Osman Ghazi was not very popular in the beginning. But now it has caught the attention of Muslims around the world. And the series is being shown with translations in over a hundred countries. The Kurulus Osman series has become the most popular development Series in the world after the Dirilis Ertugrul Series. Which has set many records to date. 

There is no doubt that each season is more spectacular and action-packed than the previous season. As the series begins a great era. Historical events also seem to familiarize everyone. Each season brings a lot of surprises for the fans. But the waiting hours before the end of the season and the start of the new season frighten the fans. All eyes are now on when the fourth season will come out and how wonderful it will be. A question that is very confusing to the fans. That is whether the fourth season will be the last season of this season. In fact, there is a lot of news circulating that next season is the last season of this series. We will talk later about why this season will not be the last season. 

But for now, it is clear that the series will not end on the fourth season. The biggest reason for this is the big victories of Osman Ghazi which will not be achieved in the next season alone. And hopefully this season will bring Osman Ghazi's life to old age. This is what producer Mehmet Bozdag Sir once said in his interview. If there are no major changes in the series. So this series will last for 7 seasons. You will be happy to hear this. Because before that, even great series like Dirilis Ertugrul series had only presented 5 Seasons. If that happened then the series would have 4 more seasons. Great events of Osman Ghazi's life which will be described in detail. Every aspect of how the Ottoman Empire grew will be shown. 

Great combat detail and action will be enough to win the hearts of fans. We will also mention the big victories of the new season. But first let me tell you again that next season will not be the last season of this series. This is also the question of many people. If there are seven seasons, then the era of Orhan Ghazi will also be shown in the series. We don't think So. This Series will hardly be able to sum up the deeds of Osman Ghazi's life. And by the end of the Kurulus Osman series, Orhan would have been young. 

And will participate in various major wars. But Orhan's era will not begin in this Series. On the contrary, a separate series on the life of Orhan Ghazi will be made after the end of Kurulus Osman series. Which will offer at least 5 seasons. Kurulus Osman gives some details of the fourth season of the series. The big question for fans about the new season is which big characters will be part of the series. And who will leave the series. The most important topic is Bala Hatun. Everyone is curious as to whether the role of Bala Hatun will continue in the next season. This suspicion about Bala Hatun always lingers in the hearts of the fans. That they should not be separated from them. As soon as mention is made of the demise of series characters, everyone's attention is drawn to Bala Hatun. 

But also everyone knows what is important in their series. There is no doubt that Bala Hatun will be a part of next season. But there is a possibility that they may look Belcik or Sogut away from the tribe. For some time she will be away with Alauddin from Osman Bey to Sheikh Edebali. Right now Bala is the chief of the women of the kayi tribe. From this it is clear that no importance is being given to the series. She will be a part of next season and not go away. So stay calm. The role of Bala Hatun will remain. But the fictional characters that appear with Osman Bey can be removed at any time. Speaking of new characters, next season Osman Bey's close associates Akcakoca, Hassan Alp and Abdul Rehman are also likely to be featured. We will also be able to see Ahmed Alp, who grew up in Osman Bey's training, next season. 

Now that little Ahmed Alp must be young. And will appear on the battlefield. Not only that, but the role of kayi Alp is also likely to come to the fore. Next season, Osman Bey's line of heroes will look very strong. However, the return of some of the characters from his family will strengthen the story. In addition to Osman Bey's allies, many new enemies will be introduced. There is no doubt about it. We told you in great detail that for some time to come, Osman will fight the Byzantine wars. Read Our Other Articles to know their details. Take a look at the details of these wars and the detailed. historical videos on the life of Osman Ghazi. Well, when the wars with the Byzantines begin, many new commanders and governors villains will be seen. Now the battle of Osman Bey is not limited to the governors of the forts. 

They have clashed with the Bayzantine Empire. And next season, big battles like Kaprohisar and Bepheos are likely to be seen. Among the Jaguars of Bepheus was Michael, the son of Emperor Andronikos. Osman Bey will be the winner of these wars fought on a large scale. And these battles will last four months next season. Now that the surrounding areas have been conquered during these wars, we will see Byzantine commanders and governors there. Most mention will be made of Bursa Fort and its governor. 

This governor will be the most dangerous Byzantine governor ever. This is how it feels. And he will probably be the biggest villain of the new season. Like Nicola, he will fight long battles with Osman Bey. In addition to Osman Bey's fellow heroes and foes, special attention is likely to be paid to his family. So far we have seen only three of their children. Orhan, Alaeddin and Fatima hatun. While Osman Bey had eight children. Now everyone wants to know how many of their children will be shown in the series. 

Especially next season Viewers remember that Osman Bey will have five more sons. Of these, at least two will appear next season. And the rest should be given information that they have gone away from the tribe for education and training. And one by one the brave sons of Osman Bey will be entered. But he had only one daughter, Fatima hatun, who has come forward and will be a part of next season. Viewers, what is bothering you the most about the upcoming season? Be sure to let us know in the comments box. If you like the article, please like and share it. See You Soon!

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