Destan Episode 25 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 25 Review

Destan Episode 25 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles . After Osman Bay's victories, Osman Bay's difficulties seem to be increasing again. After the conquest of the inagol fort, it seemed as if things would be easier for osman Bay now. But two months after the conquest, new enemies of osman Bay emerged.

So far, the only enemy of osman Bay is clearly romanos. While the hypocrisy of Barkin Bay and Cebe seems to be adding to osman Bay's difficulties. Barkin Bay will try to make a big move right now. But osman Bay and Malhan hatun will doubt Barkan Bay. The deaths of Ivaz Bay and Omar Bay could not be resolved. 

Both Omar Bay and Ivaz Bay were coming to the aid of osman Bay. But both were killed along the way. And now the kayi tribe came to support Ali Bay and osman Bay. So things looked a little different. Barkin Bay who tried his best to make Ali Bay an opponent of osman Bay. And Barkin Bay seemed successful in his plot. 

At the same time, an attempt was made to make Turgat Bay a criminal in the eyes of osman Bay. For now, Barkin will try to convince his wife, Selvi, that Turgat was also involved in the murders of Omar Bay and ivaz Bay. Surely the Selvi hatun would believe in Barkin. And the Selvi hatun will also think that Turgat is a murderer. This is what Selvi will try to explain to Malhan hatun. 

So malhun hatun will doubt Barkin about this. In this way, if this matter goes to osman Bay, then he will also talk about reviewing every activity of Barkin Bay. Right now, even the cebe will definitely tell osman Bay something about Barkin Bay. At the same time, osman Bay will play a key role in bringing the reality of Barkin Bay to light. Because when osman Bay's suspicion grows on Barkin Bay. 

he will appoint a soldier to keep an eye on Barkin Bay. By the time Barkin Bay and Romanos meet, osman Bay will have come to know that Barkin is the real traitor. In the last episode of this season, we will see the death of Barkin Bay. cebe will die in the next one to two episodes.

Because the cebe have been added to the series to give the impression that the Mongols are now on the verge of extinction. We will never see a Mongol again after the cebe is gone. The Seljuk Empire will also be shown for the last time in the upcoming episode. We will also see the entry of some Seljuk soldiers into the kayi tribe. At the same time, by the end of this season. 

the role of Romanos will also leave the series. Because all the enemies of osman Bay will be eliminated. Because the new season will have a new story with new characters. Now that Turgut Bay has been proven innocent, Ali Bay will be better off with osman Bay. And in the last episode of this season, osman Bay will be able to conquer the yenosehir. And the new season will start with a big fight. 

Because any new season starts with a big fight and a big victory, the interest of the series increases. By the end of the coming season, osman will start the siege of Be Bursa. Right now, osman Bay seems to be increasing his power to conquer Bursa. Kosis who has finally become a Muslim after a long wait. And now Kosis will be seen fighting osman Bay. osman Bay's enemies as well as friends seem to be increasing.

In this way osman will succeed in establishing the empire without going ahead. viewers discuss some more important questions going forward in the video? Let's talk about what is the big plan of osman Bay to prove the innocence of Turgut Bay? In which series of soldiers of Seljuk Empire are being entered?  When will the children of the bala hatun be seen? Will Ali Bay and Mustafa try to attack Turgut Bay again? 

Can Ayesha hatun's role be removed from the series? When and how will osman Bay eliminate the Mongol commander's cebe? In which battle will Ali Bay and Mustafa fight together with osman Bay? When the reality of Barkin Bay comes to light, how will osman Bay spread the nets of his enemies through Barkin Bay? A series of great and action-packed episodes of the Kurulus osman series continues. 

Fans were overjoyed to see Bala hatun and osman Bay together. Because after a long time, Bala hatun and osman Bay appeared together. The bala hatun has been unexpectedly shown pregnant in the series. Because historically, the woman above had only one son, Allauddin. But now, to add to the excitement of the series, the bala hatun has been shown to be pregnant. But there are chances that the bala hatun will not be able to have another child. The bala hatun will lose her child in the womb or at birth. 

We have seen before that the bala hatun always faces great trials. But the bala hatun also told osman Bay that their love makes her strong. Therefore, all the difficulties will not be able to harm the bala hatun. Ayesha hatun who is covered with clouds of grief after the death of Gunduz Bay. But Ayesha hatun will soon break her silence. Because Ayesha hatun is also pregnant and the series will show the birth of her child. 

Everyone knows Aktimure's bravery. Gunduz Bay and Aktimure were instrumental in the conquest of inagol Fort. And Aktimure is still seen fighting with his uncle. After a long wait, Kosis is finally shown to be a Muslim. Kosis will soon be renamed. And now in the battles of iznik, Bursa and Yenisehir, Kosis will be seen bravely supporting osman Bay. osman Bay has just sent Kosis to Bursa. 

After the conquest of inagol Fort, osman Bay's next major goal is to conquer Bursa. Thus, Bursa was conquered by Arhan in history. Because the siege of Bursa continued for years. To conquer Bursa, osman Bay will now need the support of many Turkish tribes. On the other hand, osman is staring at Bursa and Yenisehir. On the other hand, the Byzantine emperor, osman Bay who is gathering an army to get out of these lands.

When osman Bay will begin the siege of iznik Fort. Then the emperor will come to the lands of osman Bay with a large army. So osman will leave the siege of iznik fort and fight with the emperor's army. Then osman will crush the army of the emperor. At the beginning of the coming season we will also see a big fight in the series. But before that, we'll see the end of Barkin Bay by the end of the season.

 Because through the cebe, osman Bay will know the reality of Barkin Bay. Relations between osman Bay and Ali Bay will also improve after Barkin Bay's death. Together with Ali Bay, osman will move towards yenisehir. Now osman will keep an eye on the biggest victories. Right now in the trailer we have seen some Seljuk soldiers entering the kayi tribe. Like the Mongols have now entered the series for the last time. 

Such Seljuks will also be shown for the last time in the series for some time. Because after that the Seljuk Empire will fall. osman Bay's victories will continue. And osman will succeed in establishing a kingdom.

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