Barbaroslar Episode 32 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 32 Review

The first trailer of the upcoming Episode of Barbaroslar Series has been aired. The new trailer has come out with a brand new story. Where many new characters appeared in the new trailer. There have also been hints of the bala hatun leaving the series. 

Just like the role of Halima hatun in Dirilish Ertugrul series was left out of the series. It seems to the scriptwriter that osman Bay's two wives can no longer be played in the series. And even in history, there is no evidence of separation between the bride and the bridegroom. 

Because many historians write that the bala hatun and the malhun hatun are the same character. So Writer is now thinking of removing a character from the series. Malhun hatun, the mother of orhan, heir to the Ottoman Empire. And Malhun hatun also played an important role in the establishment of the empire. 

Now it is the producer's responsibility to play the role of Malhun hatun in the series. While the number of fans of the bala hatun is very high. We also heard from many fans that if the female character wants to leave the series, they will stop watching the series. 

There is no doubt that the pair of Bala hatun and osman Bay were much loved together. Malhan hatun did not get the popularity that the bala hatun got. But after the arrival of the malhun hatun, there was always an attempt to sideline the role of the bala hatun. 

Actress Ozge Torer, who plays the role of a bala hatun, has not received any offer from any other series yet. Nor has the relationship between Bala hatun and Kurulus osman's team deteriorated. Therefore, it is possible that the role of the bala hatun can be carried forward in the series. 
But the scriptwriter can make difficult decisions here and separate the role of the bala hatun from the series. Just like we have said before that Halima hatun was excluded from the series. If you are also a fan of Bala hatun, please let us know in the comment box. 
Viewers now take a look at some of the more important questions regarding the trailer as we move through the video. Let's talk about the new main characters in the trailer. What is the next biggest goal of osman Bay? What great battle will osman Bay soon face? 
After Gundoz Bay, which important character is leaving the series now? When will Romanos come with an army from the emperor to fight against osman Bay? Why has Barkin Bay's death been delayed? Which important soldiers will be seen with orhan? Why won't the Mongols re-enter the series? 
Is the character of the bala hatun leaving the series? What is osman Bay's secret plan to conquer Yarhsar Fort? What are the major changes in the role of aygul hatun? The unique and action-packed episodes of the Kurulus osman series continue. osman Bay has clearly stated his next target after inagol Fort.
Osman Bay said he now intends to conquer Bursa. And the victory of Bursa will not be possible for osman Bay alone. Many major tribes will also announce an alliance with osman Bay. And many Turkish tribes there will declare their opposition to osman Bay. Barkin Bay will support anyone who opposes osman Bay.

The Mongols can be shown in the series for a short time. Because the Mongols were beginning to decline at the time of the series. And 'osman came out weak. After Nikola's death and the conquest of inagol Castle, fans are looking forward to the end of this season. 

And everyone is looking forward to seeing the new story of the new season. There were big changes in the series after the time jump this season. And some time jumps are expected in such a new coming season. The five-year time jump will be shown in the coming season. 

Right now in the series, orhan is being shown as 14 years old. In the upcoming season, orhan will be shown as 19 years old. The new season will start with a big fight. But after that, orhan and Holofira's wedding will also be the highlight of Season 4. We have seen the intelligence and bravery of orhan's character. 

But from the beginning of season 4, orhan will be clearly exposed. orhan will be accompanied by his own soldiers. Even the actor who is playing the role of orhan has been portrayed as a historical character. In history, orhan was an angry young man with blue eyes. 

The oppression of the oppressed could not be seen from this brave young man. orhan always followed in the footsteps of his father and punished the oppressors. Because osman Bay also always ended oppression with his sword. It was osman Bay's faith that made his enemies tremble when they heard his name. 

Right now we will be able to see a clear reflection of Baba osman Bay in orhan too. And history testifies that orhan also claimed many important victories. Bursa has just been mentioned in the series. Bursa was as big a city as inagol Fort. The inagol fort is shown as a fort in the Kurulus osman series. 

But historically, inagol was a large city. We will be able to see Bursa Qila in the next few episodes. Bursa is mentioned by Barkin Bay in the previous episode. In this way, osman Bay has already told his sons about his goals. One of osman Bay's main objectives was to conquer Bursa and iznik. Bursa was conquered by orhan. 

The mention of Bursa in the series is a clear indication that orhan's role will be highlighted in the coming season. osman Bay dreamed that Bursa would become the center of the Ottoman Empire. And this dream of osman Bay was fulfilled by orhan. Just as Ertugrul Ghazi's dream was to establish a separate state. 

And this dream of Ertugrul Ghazi was fulfilled by osman Bay. History testifies that the high-minded Bahadur turned a small tribe into a kingdom. osman Bay will soon announce the establishment of the empire. Kosis will also be shown as a Muslim before the establishment of the empire. 

Right Now because Barbaroslar Season 1 is nearing its end. News is coming out from some Turkish sources that this season will end on episode number ninety. From that point of view, there are four to five episodes left this season. For the rest of this season, the story of the new season will be hinted at. 

We will also be able to see Bursa's Takfur. At the same time, Barkin Bay will end. On the other hand, there are indications that Romanos is coming to fight osman Bay with a large army. Romanos will also be coming at the beginning of next season. There will also be some talk about the marriage of orhan and Holofira. 

Because Holofira will become a Muslim before marriage. And Holofira will be named Nilufer Khatun. Just now holofira who was going to visit her aunt. But Isaac ruined the plan. Now the Holofira will either remain the kayi tribe or move to the Harmankaya fort. Kosis will train Holofira like his sister Marie. 

Kosis who is very close to becoming a Muslim. Because Kosis now seems to be comparing Muslims to his religion. Therefore, when Kosis becomes a Muslim after being influenced by Islam, it will also have an effect on Holofira. Holofira which has already been heavily influenced by kayi and orhan.

Therefore, it will not take long for Holofira to become a Muslim. orhan had four marriages and now Holofera who will be orhan's first wife. In the coming season, along with osman Bay, the era of orhan will also be shown. Soon osman will soon succeed in establishing a kingdom. 

Any questions related to the Barbaroslar Series you can ask in the comment box.

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