Barbaroslar Episode 30 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 30 Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to Historic Series. Barbaroslar Series fans of every episode seem to be waiting anxiously. The reason for this uneasiness of the fans is the action and suspense of the episode. Which always pleases them. And they are impatient to see Barbarossa fighting on the battlefield in the coming episodes.

 A new episode of the Barbarossa Series was not released on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. It has depressed the fans. The third season of the Barbaroslar Series in which no major battle was seen yet. But in the last episode, the siege of İnegöl Fortress has begun. And the last episode ended with a lot of suspense. 

So fans are looking forward to seeing the new episode. In today's article, we will discuss many important topics to reduce the anxiety of the fans. Let's talk about how many episodes are left at the end of the Barbaroslar Series? Byzantine commander Romanus, who became part of the Series  a few episodes earlier. 

When and at whose hands will his death be seen? Is Sultan Mesud returning to the series? Which big characters will come to an end in the third season? Byzantine princess Holofira is going to have a big problem with her in the future? And will Osman Bey be able to save him? 

When can the new episode of Barbaroslar Series be released? In addition, we will share the details of many other important things with you in today's article. So you must read the article till the end and subscribe to our newsletter. Barbaroslar Series is on its way to development. 

Every episode of it makes a home in the hearts of the fans. Byzantine commander Romanus, whose entry was made a few episodes earlier. And he was portrayed as a dangerous commander. We saw how he tested Aktemur Bey's strength by taking a bigger test as soon as he arrived. 

The role of Commander Romanus has been included in the series as a guest actor. Commander Romanus will be seen blocking Osman Bey's way in the coming episodes. It is possible that this will also delay the conquest of the İnegöl fort. There is no doubt that he will work with Nicola to lay big traps for Osman Bey. Due to this Osman Bey may have to suffer a great loss. 

We mentioned this in our last article Gündüz Bey, the elder brother of Osman Bey, died during the conquest of İnegöl Fort. Which is also recorded in the history books. But in the series, it can be shown in any way. It is thought that the martyrdom of Gündüz Bey will be at the hands of the Byzantine commander Romanus. 

After the martyrdom of Gündüz Bey, Osman Bey and Aktemur Bey will take revenge There is no doubt about it. And Romanus will be sent to hell. We can see the death of Romanus even before the conquest of the İnegöl fort. If we talk about what could be the biggest loss to Oman Bey to Nicola in the coming episodes. 

Tell you what, when the news of the siege of İnegöl Fort reached the Byzantine Emperor. So he can send a big relief force to Nicola. So that Osman Bey could not conquer the İnegöl fortress. But let me tell you, Osman Bey already knew about it. It is possible that Osman got the news from Aktemur Bey.

Which is currently located in the İnegöl fortress. After which Osman Bey can attack this Byzantine army. In any case, the power of Osman Bey Nikola will not increase. The siege of İnegöl Fortress will continue even when Osman is dealing with other difficulties. It will be led by Gündüz Bey or Turgut Bey. 

If we talk about Holofira, what problems she will have in the coming episodes. So, as you all know, Byzantine soldiers are in the tribe at the moment. They will kidnap Holofira overnight and go to yarhisar or inegol castle. We've told you before. The governor of Yarhisar fort can also be made to escape here. 

After which it is possible that the Byzantine troops would take Holofira and Yarhisar's Governor Bacillius to Yarhisar Fortress. And since the conquest of Yarhisar before the İnegöl Fortress in history. So the series will show the same and Osman Bey will be the first to conquer the fort and save Holofira. 

And We will send him to Hell. If we talk about the characters ending in season three, then the role of Gündüz Bey is at the top. There will be a great battle at the time of the great conquest of İnegöl Castle. And as I said before, it will be a bloody war. There is no doubt that Nicola will die during the conquest.

Romanus will also lose his life. In this war, many infidels will be sent to hell. But for this great war, Osman Bey will also have to pay a heavy price. In case of the biggest loss of Osman Bey, the testimony of Gündüz Bey will be shown. In addition, it is being speculated that at least two of Osman Bey's closest soldiers will be martyred in this battle. This news has caused a lot of anxiety among the fans.

He is sad that some of his favorite characters will not leave him. But it is not yet clear who among the soldiers close to Osman Bey can say goodbye to the series. Many testimonies will also be found among the soldiers of Osman Bey. This is not a guess. Rather, it is a strong possibility. 

That there will be great deaths in the great war. How much time is left until the end of the third season? And how long will we be able to enjoy this wonderful series? We will talk about this but before that, we will talk about Sultan Mesud. Everyone wants to know if he's back in the series. What will be his role in future events? 

If you remember we told you a long time ago. That Sultan Mesud would help Osman Bey in the conquest of the İnegöl fort. Now the siege of İnegöl Fort has begun. But for his victory, Osman Bey needs more combat aid. Even so, military aid and soldiers were to come from Sultan Mesud. 

Which Osman Bey was to avenge Geyhatu. It is possible that they arrived here at the time of this great victory. History records that Sultan Mesud helped Osman Bey in the battle for the conquest of the İnegöl fort. If such an incident is shown, then perhaps some highlights of Sultan Mesud will also be seen.

Earlier, Sultan Mesud had also participated in the finale last season. But in the last phase of the war, he had to return. If we talk about how many episodes the third season will come to an end. So, as we know, the Barbaroslar Series team plays big games with the fans. Such surprises are presented. 

Which fans don't even expect. The first Season of the Barbaroslar Series has so far released 29 episodes. And it is thought that another 5 to 6 episodes will be seen. After which the season will come to an end. This season will see the conquest of the İnegöl fort and the death of Nicola. 

Which will be the biggest event of the season. Remember that before this great victory there will be great clashes. The season will end in a great battle. The massive battle and action-packed series will win the hearts of fans. There is no doubt about it. How eager you are to see the great battle of İnegöl Castle.

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