Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 26 Review

Two big enemies will now be seen creating difficulties for Osman Bay. Osman Bay will face opposition from Barkin Bay and Romanos. Romanos threatens Osman Bay after Nikola's death. Romanos said that now you will not have frostbite with small tekfurs. On the contrary, Osman Bay will now have to fight against the Roman Empire. Osman Bay did not listen to the envoy from the Byzantine emperor. 

And Osman Bay made it clear that he was not afraid of any large army or empire. As soon as Osman made the most important victories to his name. In the same way, big enemies also come to the fore. Now that Osman Bay will announce the establishment of the kingdom, the great powers will start opposing Osman Bay. Romanos will come with a large army to fight Osman Bay. 

After the conquest of inagol Fort, Osman Bay faced a major battle at Koyhnisar. Aydgudu, the youngest son of Gunduz Bay, was martyred in this battle. The Battle of Kohnisar will also be a great battle against the Roman army. Romanos has said that he will bring a large army. 

But it will not be possible to bring in a large army to fight so quickly. Therefore, it can be said that now Romanos will be seen with a large army in the coming season. Because the new season always starts with a big fight or a big victory. Therefore, it can be said that at the beginning of the new season we will see a big battle. Now Osman Bay has hinted at the establishment of an empire. 

And as this season draws to a close, Osman will declare himself kingless. When Osman announces the establishment of the empire, many great changes will take place. Osman Bay will also announce a new currency in his kingdom. Many scholars will also come to the kingdom of Osman Bay. We will also see Sheikh Adabali's second son-in-law Dursan Fiqih becoming a part of the series.

 Osman Bay's military strength will certainly increase greatly. And Osman Bay will face strong enemies. Now, after the conquest of inagol fort, mention of Bursa and Iznik fort has come to light. Bursa's Takfur will be very fast and powerful. Nikola who had done the most damage to Osman Bay so far. 

And an enemy like Nikola gave Osman Bay a very tough time. Although Nikola was the worst enemy, there was no doubt that he was a fierce opponent. Now a stronger and more dangerous enemy than Nikola will be brought to the fore. The governor of Bursa Fort will be more dangerous than Nikola. 

Now let's talk about when the governor of Bursa will be brought forward in the series. Now Osman will plan the conquest of yarhsaar fort. The governor of Bursa Qila will appear by the end of this season. 

Romanos, the Byzantine emperor Andronikos, will summon a large army. And yes, after the death of Nikola and the worst defeat at the fortress of inagol, the emperor will surely give a large army. Despite his large army, Romanos will never be able to defeat Osman Bay. 

Now let's talk about Barkin Bay, which never misses an opportunity to harm Osman Bay. Seeing the envy of Barkin Bay on the great victory of Osman Bay, laughter came out. The whole of Rome will be in turmoil after the inagol Fort near Osman Bay. While Barkin Bay is calling the conquest of inagol Fort a minor victory of Osman Bay. Barkin Bay has sent a letter to the governor of Bursa Fort. 

Barkin Bay, who first danced to the tune of Master Arius. And since then, Barkin Bay has sided with Nikola. And now, after Nikola's death, Barkin Bay has decided to support the governor of Bursa against Osman Bay. But that day is not far off, even Barkin Bay will reach its end. 

Right now, Osman is looking at the biggest enemies. And on important missionary victories. Therefore, Osman Bay pays little attention to the nearest enemies. Barkin Bay wanted to weaken Osman Bay's roots. Barkin Bay did not want any tribe to ally with Osman Bay. Barkin Bay had killed Omar Bay and iwaz Bay because they were accomplices of Osman Bay. 

But no matter how much the enemy wants to weaken Osman Bay, no one can weaken Osman Bay's strong intentions. Seeing Barkin Bay, osman Bay conquered three forts. He also sent many of his enemies to hell. Barkin Bay also knows its fate, but the lure of power has blinded Barkin Bay. 

By the end of the season, Barkin Bay will be over. Viewers Moving on to the article, we look at some more important questions. Let's talk about malhun hatun and Bala hatun Which of the following characters is leaving the series? Who will cause the death of Barkin Bay and how? 

When will Kosis become a Muslim? Will Kosis now join Romanos? Where will Holofira live now permanently? When will Holofira and Orhan get married? What is Osman Bay's dangerous plan against romance and Barkin Bay? Why won't Sugut become the center of the Ottoman Empire after the establishment of the empire? How will Osman face the opposition of some of the larger Turkish tribes? 

The Series is full of victories and action-packed episodes of Alparslan Series. In the previous episode, the two main characters of the series said goodbye to the series. His son Aktimure may not have been able to make up for Gundoz Bay's character. Because everyone in Gunduz Bay, free from the greed of Status, will miss the series. No one can forget the loyalty of Gunduz Bay to Osman Bay.

But we saw a reflection of Gundoz Bay's personality in Aktimure Bay. The role of Aktimore will now run for a long time in the series. Nikola, on the other hand, embraced death without screaming. In the long-running feud between Nikola and Osman Bay, Osman Bay won. And Nikola also acknowledged that in war, one wins and the other loses. Nikola acknowledged Osman Bay's victory and his defeat.

Such an enemy will now come before Osman Bay on the occasion of the conquest of Bursa and Iznik fort. Because the governor of Bursa will create big problems for Usman Bay. If we talk about the malhun hatun and bala hatun. Viewers have not yet confirmed if any of the characters are leaving the series. 

The number of fans of Bala hatun is very high all over the world. Therefore, the Bala hatun will not be removed from the series. However, the historical significance of the malhun hatun cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is possible that a character may not be a part of the series in the new season. 

However, if we talk about the role of holofira. Even in the kayi tribe, when one sees Holofira, everyone remembers Mari. So Holofira will not go anywhere. But it is possible that Kosis will take her with him and train her as his sister. Because next season we will be able to see the wedding of Orhan and Holofira. 

When it comes to kosis. Kosis has been very supportive of Osman Bay in every difficult time. Osman Bay and the people of his tribe have also given Kosis a lot of respect. Kosis now seems to be making comparisons between Muslims and their religion. So by the end of this season, Kosis will be a Muslim.

Although Romanos arrives with a large army to fight Osman Bay. Even if Kosis faced opposition from the Byzantine emperor. Now Osman Bay will win every important battle. And soon the kingdom will come into being. Although some Turkish tribes will oppose Osman Bay, Osman Bay will be ready to face them. 

The flag of justice of the Ottoman Empire will fly everywhere.Viewers: Do you also want to see Kosis as a Muslim soon? You must tell us in the comment box.

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