Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu and English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to www.HistoricSeries.co For Watching & Download Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu and English Subtitles. The great episodes of the Kuruluş Osman series continue. The series paints a beautiful picture on the screen every week. and also receives good reviews from fans But historical series are often criticized Particularly, the objections of the fans were coming to the fore about the Kuruluş Osman series.

Although it is not being addressed Kuruluş Osman's team seems to be working hard to resolve this complaint. and the last episode is proof of that Great action, curiosity and humor seemed to remove all the flaws of the episode. After a break, Cerkutay's humor was seen in the series. Which won the hearts of all Every effort is being made to improve the series. In each episode, some characters are seen coming and going. The story is also moving fast.

After the departure of Geyhatu and Alam Shah, the series suddenly changed direction. A new era began with new enemies But these enemies will not be able to face Osman Bey for long. In today's article, we will discuss some of the interesting topics in the series. Will Cornelia reveal the secret of Ibrahim Fakih? Will Anehisar Fort be handed over to Nicola? Now, what will Osman Bey Nicola do? Is the role of Malhun Hatun heading towards the end of the series?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 25 Release Date

  • Series Name: Kurulus Osman 
  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 25
  • Release Date: 13 April 2022

Selvi Hatun is not part of any major sin So will his role be positive? We will share the details of many important things with you in today's article, So you must read the article till the end. and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest Episodes of Kurulus Osman Series. The Kurulus Osman series has made a place in everyone's hearts with its brilliant episodes. Fans of the series now want to know the answers to some curious questions.

Some of the events of the last episode have confused the fans Everyone knows Cornelia has been caught. But everyone wants to know what will happen next. Will Cornelia reveal the secret of Ibrahim Faqih? It is certain that Cornelia will not be killed as soon as she is caught. Instead, it will try to get the name of the hidden enemy out. Or it will be a trap for Arius and Barkin. Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu and English Subtitles

In other words, Osman Bey will say in front of these people that he will get the name of this enemy out of Cornelia. So either they will try to kill Cornelia themselves Or in some other way kill Cornelia. In any case, Cornelia will not tell the truth about Ibrahim Faqih or Barkin Bey Will dying already. But Barkin Bey or Arius would definitely take such a step. Due to this Osman Bey will have more doubts about him. On the one hand, Aris will also take action against Turgut Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 Hitoric Series

Because he understands that Turgut Bey has captured Anehisar. But Turgut Bey and Nikola have already been seen sitting at a table trying to resolve the issue. In fact, it was all part of Osman Bey's plan. But everyone wants to know what Turgut Bey will decide here. Turgut will not leave Nikola at all. On the contrary, it will definitely drag him down in the case of Inhisar. It is possible that they will trap Nikola by imposing strict conditions on him.

It is possible that a larger project will be implemented on the condition that Nicola be temporarily given Inhisar and when Inhisar is with Nikola, then maybe Osman Bey will hit him and snatch the fortress. Or Nicola's involvement with Turgut Bey in the Inhisar affair would be a blow to him.Which will break his back This mighty war has to do with Nicola's war preparations. We heard in the last episode that military aid and a lot of oil are coming for Nicola.

It is also known which way he will come. Can't give Nicola a chance to be strong here. Therefore, it is certain that he will attack the military aid coming to Nicola. All its weapons will snatch oil and ammunition. And will kill the soldiers, By doing so, Osman could hit Nicola hard and that's only possible when Nicola's focus is on Inhisar instead of the caravan. Osman Bey may have already set a trap for Nicola. Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 25 in Urdu

So that he would consider Kosis and Turgut Bey as his allies in the matter of Ainihasar fort. and Osman Bey could keep an eye on his intentions. Through Nicola, he will be seen trying hard to reach Osman Bey's secret enemy. Will Selvi Hatun soon be one of the positive characters in the series? There were many questions about this. We will talk about this in full detail But first Malhun talks about Malhun. Which has upset fans a lot Suddenly it came to everyone's mind.

Is the role of Malhun coming to an end? Why is Malhun being given so little time on screen? In the last episode, we saw that sporadic scenes of Malhun Hatun have been added. The decision of the chief of Kezel was also made. And Malhun Hatun, who believed in being the Sardar's daughter, did not come forward. Everyone is wondering why Malhun Hatun's character has changed so suddenly. In the past, Malhun Hatun was portrayed as a hero in every other scene.

Whether it's the battlefield or the tribal and sogut issues But then came the time for Malhun Hatun's action. So everything turned upside down. On the contrary, Malhun Hatun disappeared from the scene. On the other hand, Barkin Bey and Selvi Hatun together got the chiefship of the Kazal tribe. But Malhun Hatun could do nothing and objections are being raised as to why Malhun Hatun was not given a place in the story. We've shared this issue with you long ago.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 in English

We told you that actress Yildiz, who played the role of Malhun Hatun, has fallen victim to the World War I epidemic. So the possibilities were being shown That he has to disappear from the story for a while To go through this difficult time, Kurulus Osman's team made the right decision. And Malhun in the story is very weak. Rather, by saying that she is ill and that sleeping pills are being added to her food. Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu and English Subtitles

He was seen in bed and she did not see too much on the screen and then at the end of the episode. we got to see two to four scenes of it. However, all control of the Kizal tribe passed into the hands of Barkin In one or two episodes, it was likely to happen. And after the demise of Malhun Hatun's character, it is unthinkable. She will be present in a very long time series. This problem was simply caused by the global epidemic.

On the other hand, the character of Selvi Hatun has kept the fans confused. Sometimes it seems that the root of all mischief is the same. The next moment, however, she feels betrayed by Barkin Bey herself. In the last episode, he was seen crying on the grave of Ewaz Bey. It seemed that Omar Bey and Ewaiz Bey had nothing to do with death. It was just Barkin Bay's beast Selwi Hatun is only jealous of Malhun Hatun.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 With Urdu Subtitles

He did not commit any major sin or mistake that is irreparable. The way Kurulus Osman is being twisted in the series. Nothing can be expected from Kurulus Osman's team. In the case of Selvi Hatun, everyone thought that his role would be positive in the future. and she will be seen with Konur But in the last episode, she got married to Barkin. and the dreams of the fans were shattered But there are still possibilities that his role could be positive.

If they do not become part of Barkin's plan. And if I made all these mistakes unknowingly. We will see her in a good role after the removal of Barkin. Be sure to write your opinion in the comment box. Kurulus Osman Episode 89, aired on April
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