Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) in Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 Review

"I can't wait to kill Osman Bay," Nikola said angrily. In this way, Nikola has many times escaped the sword of Osman Bay. Two or three times, Osman Bay was close to knocking Nikola off his neck. But luckily Nikola escaped. But luck does not always go well. And anger forces a person to make emotional decisions. 

Nikola,, along with all the Byzantine governors, planned to assassinate Osman Bay in the Belgian fortress. But Nikola and Aryus not only failed in their plan but also the Bilecik fortress became the property of Osman Bay. When Nikola and Aryus failed in their plan, they made another plan to harm Osman Bay. 

Because Nikola wanted to harm Osman Bay in some way. Aryus and Nikola planned to destroy Osman Bay's weapons depot. While Aktimure who is now living with the Byzantines is giving every news to Osman Bay. Osman Bay also learned of Nikola's plan through Aktimure. 

So when Nikola came to attack, Osman Bay was already preparing to control Nikola. And as Nikola tried to attack, Osman Bay overpowered Nikola. Osman Bay has captured Nikola by ambush. Because when Nikola was captured and brought to the tribe, there was no sign of fighting on Nikola's face or head.  

If there had been a fight between Nikola and Osman Bay, there would have been dust and blood on Nikola's face. Now Nikola, who is in Osman Bay's custody, is debating whether Osman Bay will kill Nikola. So before we talk about it, let's talk about a scene in the trailer that everyone ignored. 

In the last Scene of the trailer, we see that Osman Bay had Nikola in his mouth. So in that scene, Nikola and Osman were not in the prison, but in the hospital. Where sman Bay forcibly tried to poison Nikola. And some of the poison went into Nikola's mouth. Now because Osman Bay now wants to make a deal with Nikola. 

That Osman Bay now wants to take inagol fort instead of Nikola. But Master Aryus will not hand over the inagol fort to Osman Bay at any cost. Instead, Master Aryus will use Barkin Bay to save his student Nikola. Barkin Bay will do his best to get Nikola out of the tribe in the dark of night.

Osman Bay also knows that efforts will be made to oust Nikola. So Osman Bay gave Nikola some poison. And the antidote to the poison given to Nikola is with Osman Bay. So Nikola will ask Osman Bay for an antidote to save his life. Despite escaping from prison, Nikola may have to return. 

But Master Aryus has no choice but to go to Barkin Bay to save Nikola. Because Barkin is the only person who can somehow get Nikola out of the tribe. One thing is for sure, although Osman Bay did not get the inagol fort in exchange for Nikola. But under no circumstances will Osman kill Nikola in the tribe. 

Because Nikola's death will be at the hands of Turgut Alp on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. And Nikola will kill Gundoz Bay before he dies. Historical events will not be distorted in any way to increase the interest of the series. We will see that Nikola's death will be at the hands of Turgut  Alp on the occasion of the conquest of inagol. So now Nikola will be saved from Osman Bay's captivity. 

If we talk about whether Master Aryus alone will be able to destroy Osman Bay's weapons base? so, viewers, that's not possible. bcause Osman Bay kept the place of weapons secret so that the enemy could not reach there. If weapons and catapults are destroyed, it will not be possible to show the victory of inagol Fort this season. Because without the catapults, the conquest of inagol fort will not be possible. 

The walls of inagol fort are strong and it will not be easy to tear them down. And the fortifications of inagol Fort are very high. Therefore, Osman Bay has been making great preparations for the conquest of inagol fort for a long time. During the events of Nikola's imprisonment near Osman Bay, Osman Bay will conquer the fort. And Governor Basieleus will die on the occasion of the conquest of Yarhsar Fort. 

While Aktimure continued his work.  viewers, The brilliant episodes of the kurulus Osman series have caught the attention of fans. Another important topic that fans are also interested in learning about. Fans are repeatedly asking questions about Osman Bay and Malhan hatun's daughter. 

According to some reports, Fatima hatun, daughter of Osman Bay, was older than orhan. But viewers is not like that at all. Because according to history, Prince Orhan was born in 1281. While Fatima hatun was born in 1284. It is clear that Osman Bay's daughter Fatima was three years younger than her brother Orhan. 

If we talk about Fatima hatun's entry in the series, when will it be shown? One or two episodes can be done before the end of Fatima hatun's entry season. Like Osman Bay's sons, his daughter will surely be loved by fans. On the other hand, no children of Bala hatun will be shown except Alauddin Ali.

And it is possible that the role of either the Bala hatun or the malhan hatun will be eliminated in the new season. We can clearly see in the lives of Allauddin and Orhan that Osman Bay trained like his sons. Both Alauddin and Orhan cannot bear the oppression that befell them. At the same time, he learned the skills of archery and swordsmanship at an early age so that even the greatest enemy could suffocate and run away.

Be it Allauddin Ali or Orhan Bay, both were princes of the Ottoman Empire. No matter what people say, they may criticize a million times, but history has shown that the love between the two brothers was unparalleled. Some people commented on why Prince Allauddin could not become the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. So the simple answer is why Osman became chief in the presence of Gunduz Bay and Savci.

Viewers Every human being is unique in terms of their abilities and intelligence. Alauddin fully supported his brother orhan with a sword and pen. But Alauddin Ali had little interest in politics. Because Allauddin has spent most of his time with his grandfather Sheikh Adabali. 

While orhan's intelligence and political skills were incomparable. Orhan also learned a lot about politics from his mother, Malhan hatun. There is no difference, but the two princes are their own examples. Bala hatun has a lot of fans. On the other hand, the role of Malhan hatun is very important historically. 

Because Malhan hatun played a very important role in the establishment of the empire. Osman Bay is now approaching the establishment of the empire with each passing day. Now the first teachers Aryus and Barkin Bay will be gone. And after that, with the fall of Nikola, the fortress of inagol will be conquered. 

And after the conquest of the fortress of inagol, Osman will succeed in establishing a kingdom. Viewers, You can ask any question related to Destan Series in the comment box.

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