Destan Episode 15 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 15 Review

Destan Episode 15 in Urdu & English Subtitles. In the same way Timur and Kaya bring their father to their bed and They lay there. In the same way, Kaya says, “ Timur, what do you suppose? Baba will live. They will die. Timur says,” Do you suppose Baba should die or should he live? Timur says that he's alive. 

Do you really want Baba not to die because you love him or because you want him to die? La Mir shouldn't take the throne after his death. Kaya says Bala Mir won't get the throne. I'll not allow him to do so. Timur says I've got my answer. Kaya says I love Baba veritably much. I admire you but if you die.

I wish you two Bala Mirs are veritably strong with me he'll control all the chiefs of Kabirs I ca n’t stand against him alone like this witch said I I'm the intellect of the Gok Empire and you're the body of the Gok Empire. If the intellect and the body don't unite also death will crush us. There's no need for a soul.

In the same way, Timur says, “ Family, do n’t worry, I'll stand by you with my brand.” After that, Timur comes there. Timur asks why the mama is shutting down a witch. She must have lost her mind. Let him stay in captivity and let him come to his senses. Timur says “ Indeed my father’s blood is in his mouth.  

He has a soul and has inherited the right to rule. You do n’t have all this but she has it. Kaya says to Bala Mir you're worried because this woman didn't see anything coke. Uncle did it. That's why you're angry. Bala Mir says I'm angry. I ’m not, but I ’m telling the verity. Occasionally there’s a strong Turk and there’s a Turkish Napoleon. You who aren't only the son of a Russian mama Timur Takin but also married a Chinese woman. 

If we follow the rules of our ancestors also only Khan can be but he's impaired. Do you have The mind is the body but the soul isn't but he has neither the mind nor the body is only the soul? You three can not inherit together. I want to say that if my family Khan dies also the jirga will handpick me. You know that I want to say that although you have intellect, body, and soul I'm the sole inheritor of the rule. 

In the same way, on the other hand, separate mugs wake up from their beds. They come to their senses. Also when they come out of their room. His ministers come running to him. Says my khan Alpko khan says wisdom comes what happed behind me? Tell me everything Tell me, what happed when I was unconscious? Tell me the whole story. In the same way, on the other hand, the chiilers come to the basement with agate. Says. 

You stay with the captures down.  Aqis says stay what do they do with the captures roar say we can do nothing but work for the slaves some work in the captures some say in the palace but we aren't slaves but internees do you know our khan fidyah Let us be free. They say You know ourtraditions.However, we will shoot you back, If your khan has paid enough plutocrat. They're sitting in the same way. 

There's also Salma Khatun in them. They're veritably happy to see Aqis. Salma Khatun says Aqis. I allowed that Banhu has killed you but you're alive. What did he do? Why did he tear your clothes? Aqis says I was crying that we aren't slaves. She was trying to scarify me. That’s what happed. 

Aqis says she'll give me her law to wear. Tutakin Khatun says you should stay like this. N won't leave you like this. You're veritably good. Come to the other side with me. In the same way. I do n’t know if this is what happed. Aqis says do n’t make defenses that you do n’tknow. What did I do? How was this possible? Tutakin says that when Coke’s dogfaces attacked the lineage, Chalpan killed him and gave him to Gog’s dogface. 

The lady protects you. What differently do you want? Aqis says thank you my khan but hanged this girl because of me. “ Do n’t worry, she was a pincher,” she says. The woman had formerly ordered hisdeath.

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