Barbaroslar Episode 29 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 29 Review

Another great episode of Barbaroslar Series came to an end. With each passing moment, we are heading towards the finale of Barbaroslar Season 1. Osman Bay is not sitting still for a moment. Rather, they are moving forward, eliminating their enemies. Every event in the series is now full of history and interest. 

Therefore, the rating of the series has also increased more than before. An old enemy who had been with Osman Bay for a long time as a friend. Osman Bay succeeded in eliminating this hypocritical enemy. Once again, Aktimure deserves less praise. Aktimure is the main reason for Osman Bay's victory in big goals. 

It is not easy to work for the glory of Islam by living in the house of the enemy by enduring separation from mother and father. The meeting between Ayesha hatun and Aktimure made everyone cry. Because for a long time Aktimure was away from his mother Ayesha hatun. 

Now the mother and son met at a time when war was raging. Romanos looks at Aktimure with suspicion at every moment. That's why Aktimure's life is in danger right now. On the other hand, due to Barkin's hypocrisy, Nikola has once again escaped the sword of Osman Bay. 

Everyone was eagerly awaiting Nikola's tragic death. But at the same time, Barkin Bay planned that Osman Bay immediately released Nikola from prison. Now Osman Bay has turned his weapons towards the inagol fort. Nikola will not give up easily but Osman Bay will have to fight to conquer inagol. 

Osman Bay, having made full preparations for the battle, has reached near inagol fort. No one knows Osman Bay's secret plans except Osman Bay. Osman Bay himself said that he knows how to protect his secrets. Nikola attacked the weapons depot and burned some weapons. 

Nikola felt that he had done a great disservice to Osman Bay. But Osman Bay, who already knew Nikola's plan, did the trick. Weapons and catapults moved to safety. In this way, Nikola was captured and the weapons were saved. Aryus, on the other hand, came to attack the mine so that Osman could not make new weapons after the destruction of the weapons. When the dog dies, it runs to the City. 

Just as Aryus came out of the inagol fort and came to the ears. So osman Bay, who already knew about Aryus's plan through Aktimure. In an instant, Osman Bay's brave soldiers killed Aryus's dogs. Then Aryus was exposed and Osman Bay beheaded Aryus. In this way, Osman is seen eliminating his enemies one after the other. As soon as a great enemy is eliminated, osman takes a step towards invincibility.

Now Osman is very close to conquering the inagol fort. Romanos, the strongest commander in Rome, has also joined Nikola. Osman Bay who has dreamed of conquering inagol Fort for years. And now Osman Bay has come close to inagol fort with weapons to conquer inalog fort. 

Osman Bay has sacrificed many of his soldiers to conquer inagol Fort. Many of Osman Bay's close associates will still be martyred in the battle of inagol. Osman Bay met Nikola outside the inagol fort and presented Nikola with two options. Either Nikola handed over the fort to Osman Bay in peace. 

Or Osman will conquer this fort without a fight. But Nikola is ready to fight to the last drop of blood. If Osman Bey is close to conquering the inagol fort now, is the season coming to an end? But Barkin has not been exposed since Aryus's death. And Aryus' soldiers are also in the Qayi tribe who have come to kidnap Holofira.

The reality of Barkin Bay will surely come to light. Because Selvi would eventually find out that Barkin had killed his father out of greed for power. Because the new season will come with a new story. Therefore, the events of this season will not be left unfinished. Rather, incomplete events will be completed in the coming episodes. viewers look forward to the highlights of the upcoming episode in the article.

Let's talk about how Barkin Bay will strike Osman Bay in the back. Will Barkin stand up against Osman Bay in the war and support Nikola? Will Aktimure's secret be revealed and Aktimure's testimony is seen? Will Osman be able to conquer the inagol fort in the coming episode? 

Will Master Aryus' soldiers kidnap Holofira or a Qayi hatun from the Qayi tribe Apart from Gundoz Bay, which of the following important Alp of Osman Bay will leave the series on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort? What is the big secret plan of Romanos and Nikola in the war against Osman Bay? 

How will Selvi hatun save Osman Bay from a great loss? What big changes will be seen in the series.  The series of unique and wonderful episodes of Kurulus Osman series continues. If this is how the story unfolds in the upcoming episode, then the end of the season is near. But Barkin will support Osman Bay so easily. 

This hand is not digesting anything. And after the death of Aryus, it is not possible that Barkin's character will escape the sword of Osman Bay. Now Barkin's evil tricks will come to light. Soldiers of Aryus who have gone from the tribe to kidnap Holofira. Those soldiers will not succeed in their goals. 

Because when he meets a malhan hatun, the Bala hatun will know his true nature. Romanos, on the other hand, is always looking at Aktimure with suspicion. Here, Romanos and Nikola can find out the origin of Aktimure under a big plan. On the other hand, using Aktimure, they will spread false news to Osman Bay. 

Due to this Osman Bay will suffer a great loss and the conquest of inagol fort will be delayed for some time. At the hands of Romanus and Nikola, Osman Bay's elder brother Gunduz Bay will be martyred. And then Osman will kill Romanos and then Nikola in retaliation. 

Many more testimonies will be found on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. A new soldier who joined the war with Osman Bay will also be martyred. Osman Bay will also have to bear the brunt of Barkin Bay's betrayal. Aktimure's character will also be martyred on the conquest of inagol fort. 

Because according to history, the name of Aktimure does not appear after the conquest of the inagol fort. Now a large army will come from Constantinople to help Romanos and Nikola. We have already told you that the conquest of inagol fort will not be as easy as the conquest of other forts. 

On the contrary, a great battle will have to be fought to conquer the fortress of inagol. Osman Bay also asked Kosis to form an army of his own soldiers. Kosis soldiers will also secretly help Osman Bay. We will also be able to see the role of Kosis becoming Muslim in the coming episode.

Now there will be no military support for Osman Bay from Sultan Masood or the Seljuk Empire. Therefore, it would be a spoiling for the soldiers of Kosis to fight Osman Bay. Thus, according to historical references, Orhan also participated in the conquest of inagol fort with Osman Bay. 

If the conquest of inagol Fort is delayed for some time, then orhan may join the battle. Everyone is missing the selcan hatun. The Aygul hatun is remembering Selcan Aman like crazy. At the tomb of Selcan hatun, Orhan told Holofira the love story of Halima hatun and Ertugrul Ghazi. The love story of Halima and Ertugrul Ghazi reminded me so much that everyone started remembering Ertugrul series. 

Where Osman Bay was seen training his soldiers at every moment. The Qayi hatun were not far behind. On the contrary, the Bala hatun and the malhan hatun were seen training hatun's for war. On the other hand, Malhan hatun has put the responsibility of making weapons on Ayesha hatun. 

Now there is an atmosphere in the tribe where everyone is fully engaged in the preparation for war. Inshallah Osman Bay will return only after conquering inagol fort. After the conquest of the fortress of inagol, Osman will succeed in establishing a kingdom. viewers: You must tell us in the comment box how you felt about Osman Bay's manner of beheading Arius.

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