Barbaroslar Episode 28 Season 1 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 28 Review

The brilliant episode of the Barbaroslar series captivated everyone. No one could help but admire the great events. The action and suspense of the series made everyone wow. Everyone enjoyed the battle scenes. Osman Bey's victories also make the fans very enthusiastic. There is no doubt about it. 

Once again a series of great historical conquests began. Which has impressed the fans a lot. Everyone is happy to see Osman Bey succeed on the battlefield. We have to see a lot of great victories before the end of the season. So the series has gone on for a long time. But now the situation is the same. 

Characters are changing rapidly in the series. While some characters are leaving and New Ones are being introduced. On the contrary, the tradition of giving surprises to the fans of the series continues. The story is getting more interesting with each passing day. 

The action of the historical series has always ruled the hearts of the fans. In the last episode, the great victory and the glorious battle scenes touched everyone's heart. The voice of Islam on the battlefield and the spirit of Muslim heroes has driven fans crazy. We are well aware that the third season of the Barbarolsar is coming to an end. Before this, there are many surprises left. 

There were some incidents that confused the fans. In today's article, we will describe the important events. Talk about that will Holofira would be sent to Bursa? When will the siege of the Yarhisar fort be conquered? And when will its governor die? Why would Aktemur Bey still be portrayed as a Byzantine spy? 

Is the conquest of İnegöl step away? Or will this victory be delayed once again? Will all the war preparations of Osman Bey be ruined and the flying fire machine is burnt we will share the details of many important things with you in today's article. So you must read the article till the end. 

The great episode of the Barbaroslar Series won the hearts of the fans once again. The episode was full of Battle scenes as well as emotions. The ups and downs of the episode had a profound effect on the fans. Osman Bey's victory made the fans very excited. But Selcan Hatun, who has long ruled the hearts of fans, said goodbye to the series. So the fans could not control their emotions. 

And they were shocked. Salcan Hatun Barbaroslar was present in the season as the last reminder of the Diriliş Ertugrul series. All the characters in the Kuruluş Osman series have already said goodbye to us. Selcan Hatun ruled the hearts of fans for a long time. And they were impressed by her brilliant acting.

Selcan Hatun, who appeared in the first episode of Diriliş Ertugrul, spent the longest time in this historical series. And look at the great historical period. Fans have always been obsessed with Selcan Hatun. Even though she looked negative at the beginning of her role. Even at a time when most of the characters kept demanding separation from the historical series. Selcan Hatun always appeared on the Screen. 

An era with her character has also become a thing of the past. Which will always live in the hearts of the fans. We told you after this time gap. That Selcan Hatun is the guest of a few episodes. We pay tribute to Didem Balcin, the actress who played the role of Selcan Hatun. With her strong acting, she played the role of Selcan Hatun. It is clear that no one else could have played this role better. 

We wish her all the best for her future projects. And thank her. Which helped to present the historical character so beautifully. Selcan Hatun then left. And as soon as her character says goodbye, a new great character is added to the series to keep the balance of the series. The long-awaited character in the Series. 

He finally came out with a surprise in the last episode. But as soon as he arrived, he put a lot of questions in the minds of the fans. In this way, his deeds were presented in a more brilliant way than expected. And as soon as Aktemur Bey came, he made a home in everyone's hearts. But many confusions remain

Because the fans were thinking of something else. While the opposite was shown. It is unknown what's the intentions of the Kurulus Osman Team. Kuruluş Osman's team probably likes to see their fans in such confusion. A strange commotion has arisen. Everyone was waiting for Can Bartu Aslan to appear in the form of Aktemur Bey. But as usual, Barbarolsar team shocked the fans in its traditional style.

And a new face was introduced as Aktemur Bey. Everyone was stunned for a moment at how this was possible. It is unknown that everyone was guessing this. On the contrary, Barbaroslar team had announced it on its own. Can Bartu Aslan was part of the cast for the third season from day one. And then ten or fifteen episodes ago, Barbaroslar team had also added Aktemur Bey with the name of Can Bartu Aslan.

He entered the name in the cast of Barbaroslar. So everyone believed that he would emerge as Aktemur Bey. But now it seems that kuruluş Osman's team itself was entangled. Recently, changes have been made in the management of the series. Even the scriptwriters of the series were changed. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. And that's why Aktemur Bey's role came up so late in the series.

Now the Turkish actor Taha Baran Özbek is playing the role of Aktemur Bey in the series. Meanwhile, Can Bartu Aslan is also part of the cast of the kuruluş Osman series. But so far his team has not made that decision. What role will he play now? He is currently on the cast list of this series. The Belçik fortress has been conquered. And its governor, Justiyanus, was killed. But now all eyes are on the upcoming events.

What will happen to the governor of Yarhisar? And where is Holofira? Holofira Hatun belongs to the kayi tribe. Everyone knows that. But now everyone wants to know if she will stay in the tribe. Or she will go away. We've shared the details before. From now on her marriage will not be shown with Orhan. 

Rather, it will take some time. And it was likely that Holofira would go to her aunt during this break. Once again, the series hints at that. Holofira will go to her aunt. Turgut saved her and sent him to the tribe with Aygül Hatun. And asked her to inform her aunt. Maybe they're going to send her to her aunt. 

And then when Holofira returns next season, she'll be married to Orhan Bey. All eyes are on the victory of Yarahisar and Inegol. We have already told you that Belcik and Yarahisar have certainly won together in history. But a little change can be seen in the Series and that is what happened. 

Yarhisar has not yet been conquered, its governor is still in the custody of Osman Bey. Fans here were even a little surprised when Aktumer Bey was imprisoned on the orders of Osman Bey. Viewers Aktumer Bey actually became a Byzantine by becoming a spy for Osman Bey. 

Fans have liked his introduction in the series a lot. As soon as he arrived, he contributed to the victory and helped Osman Bey. But the purpose of his imprisonment was to ensure that. Aktumer Bey would continue his espionage. It will still be considered Byzantine. Now, this could be a big trick for Vesuvius and Nikola. 

It is possible that in the future, Aktumer will emerge as Nikola's spy. Osman Bey announced after the victory of Belcik that they will win Inegol next Friday. if in the next one to two episodes Inegol Fort will be victorious and the end of the season will be seen. Viewers should remember that once again Inegol's victory is about to take a break. The reason for this is that before that Yarhisar fort is to be conquered. 

Now Aktomar will gain the confidence of Vesalius and will be seen with it. Until the Yarhisar victory. After that, Aktumer Bey can be seen as a spy in Inegol Fort. At the moment, Osman Bey has demanded gold in return for all of them. Which Nicola has to accept. Osman Bey is going to have a bad shock before Inegol's victory. 

Osman Bey had made a great contribution to the Byzantine conquest by conquering Belcik. It seems that the time has come to pay the price for this victory. Barkin and Arius have set their sights on Osman Bey's war preparations. Nikola is also ready to attack here. It seems that this war of the enemy will be successful.

And Osman Bey's war preparations will be ruined. Barkin and Arius will attack and destroy everyone. The magic that was to be used in the conquest of Inegol will be burned. Due to this victory will be delayed. And in the meantime, Osman will step towards the helpless fort. The chain of victories will be maintained.Inegol's victory will be seen not in the next one or two episodes but in the season finale. 

And there is still time to end the season. There will be some skirmishes between Osman Bey and Nikola before this victory. There are still 7 to 8 episodes left at the end of the season. That is why there will not be such Inegol victory from now on. Viewers Barbaroslar Episode 28 will be released on Wednesday April 27. Just tell us in the comment box, which scene of the previous episode impressed you more?

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